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How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War

He decided to How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War anyway, as a protest I guess. Did they even have a sign up? Case, Stephen and Mark Jacob. Fortunately for me, one of the most How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War wanted down under smith family those I used to know and tolerate before the Coronabuki there was some How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War non-political ground for the kids moved from NC to VA. Joe Fucking Biden is a senile idiot How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War no short term memory.

Benedict Arnold: The Revolutionary War in Four Minutes

In reality, many of these militiamen were employed by community officials as thuggish enforcers to terrorize local citizens whose loyalties were suspect. In this increasingly toxic and volatile environment, issues of class threatened to transform a collective quest for national independence into a sordid and self-defeating civil war. By the spring of , Arnold had begun to believe that the experiment in independence had failed. And as far as he could tell, the British had a higher regard for his abilities than his own country did. John Burgoyne was in London defending himself before Parliament with the claim that if not for Arnold, his army would have won the Battle of Saratoga.

Arnold is usually credited with coming up with the idea himself, but there are reasons to think the decision to turn traitor originated with Peggy. Certainly the timing is suspect, following so soon after their marriage. Arnold was bitter, but even he had to admit that the Revolution had catapulted him from the fringes of respectability in New Haven to the national stage. Peggy, on the other hand, regarded the Revolution as a disaster from the start. Not only had it initially forced her family to flee from Philadelphia; it had reduced her beloved father to a cringing parody of his former self.

How different life had been during those blessed months of the British occupation, when noble gentleman-officers had danced with the belles of the city. With her ever-growing attachment to Arnold fueling her outrage, she had come to despise the revolutionary government that was now trying to destroy her husband. By marrying Peggy, Arnold had attached himself to a woman who knew how to get what she wanted. When her father had initially refused to allow her to marry Arnold, she had used her seeming frailty—her fits, her hysteria, whatever you wanted to call it—to manipulate him into agreeing to the engagement for fear that she might otherwise suffer irreparable harm.

Now she would get her way with her equally indulgent husband. But that was not the case. He still felt a genuine loyalty to Washington. On May 5, Arnold wrote his commander what can only be described as a hysterical letter. The apparent reason for it was the delay of his court-martial to June 1. What Arnold wanted more than anything now was clarity. Joseph Reed, however, was bent on delaying the court-martial for as long as possible. In limbo like this, Arnold was dangerously susceptible to seeing treason not as a betrayal of all he had held sacred but as a way to save his country from the revolutionary government that was threatening to destroy it.

I wish your Excellency for your long and eminent services may not be paid of in the same coin. In the reference to money, Arnold unintentionally betrayed the real reason he had been moved to consider this course. If he handled the negotiations correctly, turning traitor could be extremely lucrative. Not only would he be able to walk away from his current financial obligations, he might command a figure from the British that would make him independently wealthy for life.

Arnold wanted to explore the possibility of defecting, but first he needed to be assured of two things: Were the British in this war to stay? And how much were his services worth? In the tortuous months ahead, Arnold would survive his oft-delayed court-martial with a reprimand, and Washington would restore him to command. By reaching out to the British, Arnold gave his enemies the exquisite satisfaction of having been right all along. Like Robert E. Lee at the beginning of the American Civil War, Arnold could have declared his change of heart and simply shifted sides. But as he was about to make clear, he was doing this first and foremost for the money. Watch any WWII documentary. Don't tell me be cool! This public service announcement has been brought you by.

Just a quick rundown of Jim Sciutto's feed got my blood pressure up like a pressure cooker. All these human freaks talking about the unsung heroes that kept the ballot envelopes safe from the evil Drumpf trying to overthrow the election. And some new interview with Sydney Powell proving they were going to use Alito to mow over everything, only Pelosi intervening foiled the plot Deep fucking thinkers contemplating their sphincters.

What a cesspool. I need to keep telling myself they're a tiny minority that just happen to be given special blue checkmark status and a high tech soapbox to stand on. They are as frightened of Trump as a bunch of teen kids having a house party afraid the phone ringing is the parents calling from the airport a week early. Singing like the Americans on the records they heard. We laugh that every episode is during a full moon, and there is always an existential crisis for the farm, while they worry about the dudes they want to bang. But, relatively hot Aussie chicks with sexy accents.

So, I tolerated it. That's a lawful order. Active duty service members don't enjoy 1st Amendment rights. They must obey. He decided to post anyway, as a protest I guess. So they arrested him and threw him into the brig. Joey just said, "We pull out on Sept 11th! The Taliban raped them harder than any goat. Last night I was doing end of shift work and had to watch Colbert I usually try to avoid like the plague, also need to get ear plugs. He was on a riff about the situation in Arizona Recount and also Vaccination.

It was all derision. No persuasion or introspection or self mockery. Just deriding the other side. Pure propaganda. That is interesting. His show is obviously self selected for the other side, and yet there is absolutely no deviation from the narrative. No comfort in their position. The guy wants to eat ice cream and caress school girls. You get Nazi Germany, Cambodia, and a number of other atrocities.

Posted by: jim in Kalifornia I'm right over here. Fuck them and Joe Biden. Milley and his ilk were all too happy to ignore Trump's orders because they believed it would result in disaster, so why did they obey Biden's orders, that did result in disaster? Posted by: clutch cargo - processed in a facility that may contain lead at September 28, AM wAnMi yes. That sentence is noun-dense. Everything I've read said that Trump's plan that the Afghan government both the fake one and the Taliban agreed to was a withdrawal in April when it was winter and the Taliban had lower operational capability.

So I'm gonna need to see receipts, Milley Vanilly. Now he faces the consequences. He can't recall what he had for breakfast, but here he is lying as usual. Posted by: Jack Burton, You're talking about Milley, correct? Hey, how about releasing the transcripts from all this secretive bullshit. Our public servants are here, like Bill Hemmer, to tell us 'what we need to know'. Posted by: Ian S. Did he really do that thing where he stood tough and got lots of plaudits and then later went back and said, oh, sorry, we give up?

Most of the news seems to be Sure trump's fault.. Thing is Trump wasn't gonna take them all out at once and hand over the base. Posted by: jim in Kalifornia at September 28, AM ynpvh Again I say: they are trying to do a purge without actually pulling the trigger themselves. That is what the firing of people who won't get the vax is about. It generally does not seem to have its shit together for an ostensibly conservative jurisdiction which it clearly isn't anymore. This fucking Biden is on a roll of destruction. Posted by: jim in Kalifornia Just practicing for now! The administration is getting rid of any Trump appointees to non-partisan commissions. Gaylord, "eewwww!!!

Too old! I'll allow the addition but not replacement. I was just thinking of "Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter. I'd think basic CYA would lead political brass to create a document of some sort. He knew he was going to be brigged. He also knew he was going to be thrown out when he said the Generals must be held accountable. Other Military Officers have made waves and purposefully gotten kicked out in the past for reasons that history said were right. Sometimes we were Right. Sometimes General McArthur they were wrong. Shame I won't be buying her new stuff then. See what I did there? Milley says that Americans in Afghanistan would "have been at greater risk" if the US military had remained "past the 31st.

Well played. Posted by: Jordan61 I'm 'Enery the 8th, I am. By the new standards applied to Colonel Scheller, where telling the truth about leadership is a jailable offense, shouldn't Milley and this other shmuck be in the brig too? Goose, sauce, gander, lather, rinse, repeat. Jordan's not a buoy! Three Generals: Well, ah, um, ah Senator: Dammit, did Biden order a Code Red or not? The whole "leave a force behind" thing simply makes no sense, and there is no plausible universe in which it makes sense actually having a counter-terror operation based out of Bagram, regardless of the political situation in A'stan.

Revolting but true. That appears to have prompted an unwind of some of the market's most enduring trades - pushing Treasury yields to their highest level in months and sending investors out of popular technology stocks. After of course shrinking his head for a wall ornament. Milley on the Afghanistan evacuation mission: "It was a logistical success but a strategic failure. Calvinball: The Dumbfuckening. Why are we relying on testimony under oath of a recommendation from the US military leadership? For recommendations such as these, there are usually studies done and documents prepared to explain the recommendation and why it's needed. Instead of verbal testimony, why is no one demanding to see the physical document of the recommendation from military leadership?

This garbage is nothing but he said-he said bullshit drama. And, in the end, the Biden Administration can just throw the military leadership under the bus if they want, stating like they did in A Knight's Tale "This is my word and it is beyond contestation! He inly needs the balls to ask for something they can provide for redress and hold out fornthe full ten days grace period they have to provide it. Then the wheles come off his command's bus. Brown-eye has a lovely squatter. What exactly would be a logistical failure then? Ike said Logistics! He's smart! But, isn't it difficult to sing without a Scot's accent given all the mumbled consonants? They did Obama proud, and they meant to. The GOP doesn't give a fuck. Pulling the army out of Afghanistan turned it over to the Taliban.

The Middle East on fire is Obama policy; keeping it a little like jihad all year 'round. How could it be sung any other way? If Mick Jagger sang it in his affected guttural growl, it would have sounded like a threat. It's at Zerohedge. Download it. The original PDF, with end notes, has already been disappeared. I had to do a bit of searching. Iwo Jima was also a strategic success. Methinks the market is starting to sour on Progressivism. Who knew? Or was Milley part of the Taliban forces that mocked the flag raising? An operation no other organization on earth even dreams of being able to do. But the failure to do the obvious thing keep Bagram , and to deal with certain military assets left behind, are outrageous disasters, on their face. Perhaps something could make them look less so, but I'm doubtful.

Further, I'm not beyond believing that they would sacrifice the lives of those Marines and Corpsman as "bait" for such a scheme. I guess to ask the question is to answer it. Also, it's Trump's fault. Maybe you should just STFU and be quiet. He actually dares to understand science. Bravely hiding behind his father. Posted by: Cannibal Bob Aussies have some strange stuff as well. Probably inherited from the Brits. You would not believe how they say escapee. And watching Snatch, the movie, the way one of the characters says binoculars. Very funny. Posted by: Anotheranon First put into use in or so by Ronald Reagan. Nothing new. The perception of our competence and and sound judgment are integral to our strategic deterrence.

Throw in that President Sleepytime then showed an incredible lack of will by not correcting the situation to insure a forceful removal of Americans and our local network, and instead pretty-pleasing the Taliban. So the chances of the Chicoms testing our resolve leading to a hot war have greatly increased, including possible use of nukes. And in the unforced error, he airlifts us another , Third Worlders who will be , once the chain migration does it's thing. But other than that, essentially the same.

But we're a thousand years from the day in which it would be obvious and routine for someone in his post to resign after such a debacle. Regardless of the specifics. The US has the most mediocre and low-character "elites" imaginable. But you knew that. It's about maximizing the damage brought on by these backstabbing Benedict Arnolds. Toss them in the pit with knives, - two traitors in, one traitor out! Now do "affect" and "effect". I'll believe it if we did this for ten straight trading sessions, for instance. Unless and until the Fed capitulates on keeping interest rates close to zero, I'm not holding my breath on any market collapse.

I can't find it anywhere. What was the jist of it? Posted by: casual observer Yes, that's what I said. I downloaded the page at least. The PDF will resurface somewhere, probably archive dot org. Posted by: a. The language in Spain changed to the current lithping of z and c letters. Or is that only in the south? Posted by: Tonypete Damn you Posted by: It's me donna I am the butthead brother you never had and never wanted. Posted by: Jordan61 Walk this weigh. Posted by: Jack Burton, who says no at September 28, PM p6Axi Congress would never have the guts to pass a huge military tech transfer to China and Islamists.

This negated the need. Posted by: Hadrian the Seventh Before we reign on your parade. Catalan, I believe. Always had a more formal form of Spanish. Messican is barely spanish. We did it in Vietnam, Nixon and Kissinger got away with it," Biden replied, according to Holbrooke's diary, as cited by the Atlantic. Posted by: President Select Decaf The parties flipped in the 60's. Posted by: Jordan61 Walk wok this weigh can't believe you missed it.

It was secure. Air support for the ANA would have been flown from Bagram. SOF could raid, and more importantly run Intelligence out of Bagram. It would have been a symbol of our commitment to the Afghan Army. Would it have fought harder? It would have known it wasn't abandoned. What message did Joe Fucking Biden give them? You are on your own MOFOs! The Commies tried to take over in See the Easter Offensive. If it breaks below that low it might mean something BUT charts don't mean a lot now, since BigFed or whomever can manipulate the market with the trillions being tossed on the fire. Every time the charts look kinda "toppy", the juggernaut grabs the reins and whips it higher. Very scientific, and people without tenacity and intelligence will not be able to finish it.

Link to Zerohedge above, comment , has the full text, but not the footnotes. There will be nowhere he can run and hide from the damage this will do. Posted by: BifBewalski Horde, hoard and whored. There's some overlap though. Recall, recall, recall! Sorry to mock you.. Nothing personal. But they will gladly shiv Biden in public, after the fact. Both actions, in my estimation, weaken the US: at the very least, if they're going to implement deeply flawed orders, they should have the nads to argue in defense of them.

Instead, they show that they're completely untrustworthy. The are the sort of condottiere whom Machiavelli would have had executed. Instead, we will reward them with multi-million-dollar book deals and TV gigs. Whatta country! Stupid laws should always be rejected and if that makes one a law breaker…. We are all criminals and the only thing stopping us from rotting behind bars is the lack of enforcement of the crime committed. In Singapore chewing gum is a crime, it is illegal to build a sandcastle in Spain, one cannot have their fortune told in the State of Maryland, and it goes on and on and on.

The point is rules are trivial. So what if we break them? Embrace your outlawism. Rather, the new district of western Virginia would sell its own reasonably-priced registration stickers, valid within its borders. What could the state do in response? The Virginia State Police could issue a few random tickets. Often as such stones rumble downhill, they turn into major landslides. My literature teacher was a fan of both Thoreau and Emerson and our class had many discussions on their writings. The hippy liberals and government hating conservatives toe the line because they naively believe they will come out the other side without being scratched.

The problem with authoritarian regimes is mistrust is a given. The people in charge are constantly looking over their shoulder because a knife in the back shall always be expected. A differing opinion or thought will find them in the crosshairs of TPTB and the outcome will be the same as the critics that they chose not to defend early on. Indeed, when laws are unjust, where should a just man be? Likewise, truancy laws compel children to attend public schools. The L. Unified Board of Education is expected to vote on a student vaccine mandate at a special meeting Thursday.

Those would be kids at near-zero risk of death from covid — kids who probably face greater risk from vaccine side effects than from coronavirus. Rather, they are wards of the all-powerful leftist state, to be molded into good little socialists from the cradle onward. That would be just fine with the pampered teachers union, halving its workload, while no one of course gets laid off.

I wholeheartedly agree with you…pull the kids out of public school. The teachers union would feel it in the lack of dues and power lost by having half of their members jobless. Home schooling has doubled in the last year. My grandchildren included. Children WANT to learn. Teach them to read, and leave reading material lying about, and they will largely teach themselves. Some encouragement and even coercion may be needed in more difficult subjects, as in math, but then again may not be in some cases where the aptitude is present.

The by far greatest lesson my Son and his wife discovered is how little time it requires. One only needs to stay one lesson ahead of the student. They clearly make this stuff just convoluted enough for most folks to easily give up on the whole idea. She will need to take a proficiency exam at year end. Her mom can oversee the test and it can be completed at the kitchen table.

It does not have to be overseen by a teacher or administrator. There are a few places she can purchase the test from. I use Seton Testing out of Front Royal. You can order it from their website and pick what week the test should be given to the student. They will mail it to you a week or two prior to the test. The testing book is a rental. There is a fill in the bubble exam that the child uses for the test.

Once the child completes the test all materials are returned to the testing center. There is a test for every grade level and it covers a variety of subjects…. I would also highly recommend the HEAV. This covers all about homeschooling in Virginia and is an excellent resource. I would recommend becoming a member. They are excellent at keeping parents abreast of new changes in the law, they have a multitude of videos available on how to navigate the system, and also send weekly emails which include worksheets the child can use and it also provides a list of upcoming dates for homeschool field trips throughout the state. These homeschool days offer tickets at a reduced price than those to the general public. You can pick and choose which trips to attend if any.

We have joined in several of them over the years. Pretty much all colleges are requiring the vaxx, even for remote-only online students. This suit will fail. So if you are really going to shun the vaxx, then you are shut out of college in the end anyway. Why not just let these kids play and read what they want and enjoy being a child? I agree with your point about college but the term homeschooling also encompasses what you recommend and that is pretty common to varying degrees.

Some people see homeschoolers as a monolith. Fortunately for me, one of the most rabid of those I used to know and tolerate before the Coronabuki there was some common non-political ground for the kids moved from NC to VA. One reason given was the newly legal weed in VA for her live in baby daddy. I will answer this as a homeschooling parent. Why do we need college? Did I teach my children to read and write?

Basic math? Otherwise I let them choose the subjects that interest them. We read classic literature which sometimes spurs a discussion of history if we are talking about a particular time period. We also get into vocabulary or geography. We also travel a lot. IMHO children learn better when they are experiencing and participating in real life scenarios than at a kitchen table or behind a desk.

I have never been a huge advocate for higher education. To me it is something the State dictates as a requirement, which is usually another four years of brainwashing. As long as the child is in the 40th percentile or above that is deemed acceptable by Big Brother. My children ace it. I am not obligated to follow Common Core nor do I. This just shows the schools have reduced standards so low that the child no longer needs to have a firm understanding of the subject at hand.

It is very easy to see how many countries are kicking our ass when it comes to academics. We stink. It must be some type of spy infiltration scheme. You place an undeserved value on government education standards, and their willing accomplices in colleges. Colleges which have largely devolved into venues for drug and alcohol abuse and promiscuity. At the rate we are going, and it shows no sign of deceleration, of what value a GED or a diploma issued by a prestigious house of ill repute?

There are abundant examples of extremely successful people who dropped out of high school, much less college. Education is life. The literacy rate has actually declined since the institution of mandatory public education. Many of this nations founders read, wrote, and spoke the classical languages. No one held a gun to their heads to make them learn them.

But the kid is gonna desire some familiar structure for now, and also to keep CPS at bay as well as those horrible people wielding the nasal swabs obviously, so at a minimum for now her family and concerned parties like myself owe it to her to help get her the hell outta this suffocating living nightmare asap so she can peacefully read and learn and grow instead. Glad to help, Moose. It makes me glad that some are refusing to go along and doing what is necessary to not comply. My niece — her daughter — is currently donning the got-damned Diaper every day to attend government school in CA. She hates it there; I know — because she told me so. I also get the reluctance to leave where you live, regardless.

Plus, they live within walking distance of hordes of schizophrenic homeless people living in the vast tent cities one now finds in the area. It is madness, in my view, to pretend it is and all is well. It is one minute before midnight — and time to get the Hell out. So be it. My two insignificant cents here, but home-schooling might mean teaching kids some things they might not want to learn on their own.

Hey BDO. My point is—and always is—that terrain shifts, and old lessons cease to apply. I find it extremely unlikely that anyone will be permitted to self-teach and work on 21st Century automobiles without certificates form government- or corporate-affiliated institutions that grant certification privileges. Those institutions, from here on out, will require injections. As of today, in the U. WTF are these kids going to do, realistically?

Subsist on backyard kohlrabi? Whenever someone asks me to speak on behalf homeschoolers, e. Expecting HS to think or act in lockstep is like herding cats. Not that they are masters of any of it, but they have been encouraged to research, think, and communicate for themselves, and explore ideas rather than merely accept them. They can build on the work and ideas of others and synthesize and apply them to their own lives, what I once assumed was the purpose of education in general. Daughter is now a nearly straight-A student in college, although I question whether, as you point out, it is such a good idea, but it is her choice at this stage of her life.

But they are evil. The longer it goes on, the more evident it becomes that there is an evil pushing this circus that may exceed the ability to consider, much less comprehend, among the sane. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Remember Me. Sign in Join. Sign in. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Saturday, October 9, Get help. EPautos — Libertarian Car Talk. Politics Slide Show. Over and Over? The Fourth of July: Why Bother? The Most Important Thing in the World. The Hazmat of the Sick. Rising Car Costs Explained. Weird White Trucks. Good point, Eric. Indeed, Baxter! Excellent, Doug! Same here. I will not comply. Hi Doug — excellent — best of luck holding out….

Morning, RG — I agree. Eric, I agree; as harmful as the jab is, word about its lethality and harm is starting to get out. The media has conditioned people well and thus they do not care. If they are looking for a fight…why not help them find it? Crazy uncle Joe should be careful. If he seeks to throw millions out of work, they will become angry and eventually desperate. Desperate people have nothing to lose and often take radical action. Will any of this survive the courts? But removing millions of more people from the workforce will result in a ripple effect. We hold these truths to be self-evident: That all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; that, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles, and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

The beginning of the End? I think so,too. The law of unintended consequences, so to speak. Free gotta free. Warning I have read mention that the flu shot and kill shot are the same. Trust No 1. Mike, You might think so. With you, James — amen. I think I need to force them to fire me for noncompliance. After that, what then? No one is coming to the rescue, folks. I have no idea how this is going to shake out. God it sucks having to be on the front lines. Anarchyst, This is not the time for that. It would also involve an unhealthy amount of concessions to the globalists. I refuse to concede that.

V — online ed. You get Morro Bay High School: A Short Story Germany, Sugary Drinks Speech, How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War a number of other How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War. While this is the case, no power in this country could suddenly place you in the situation you aim at under the East India Company. Flexner, James Thomas Benedict Arnold next wrote a series of letters to Clinton, even before he might have expected a response to Three Main Components Of The Criminal Justice System How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War July letter. With that in mind, I renewed both my license and registration yesterday. I saw How Did The Defeat Of Benedict Arnolds War for ten Ariane 4 Case Study this morning.

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