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Dbq Essay On The Electoral College

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Electoral College casts votes for president and vice president

People are in opposition to The Electoral College because they believe it creates a sense of inequality, and lack of voice in vital elections. On the other hand, some people believe that The Electoral College gives states with smaller populations a voice, and is helping stupid people from making the wrong choice in elections. To some, The Electoral College has a magnitude of flaws perpetuating a unfair social hierarchy; to others, it is a system that is preventing inequality and anarchy to flourish in the United States.

People believe that the The Electoral College is an unfair process created to silence the However, very few Americans actually understand how it works. The lack of political efficacy in this country is a large reason of why some people do not think the Electoral College should be abolished. However, this system is outdated and the conditions that prompted the founding fathers to institute this precaution no longer exist today. Also, the fact that almost all the states use a winner-take-all system to determine which candidate gets all of the electoral votes for the state. Will abolishing the Electoral College rid the United States from mobocracy? Introduction The Electoral College is outdated and does not follow the true spirit of American Democracy.

David Stewart , a lawyer in Washington, D. A lot of people are writing now about why Kerry lost. Here I want to examine a more specific question: why were the exit polls so wrong? In Ohio, which Kerry ultimately lost , exit polls gave him a victory. And this wasn't just random error. In every swing state they overestimated the Kerry vote. In Florida, which Bush ultimately won , exit polls predicted a dead heat. These are not early numbers. They're from about midnight eastern time, long after polls closed in Ohio and Florida.

And yet by the next afternoon the exit poll numbers online corresponded to the returns. The only way I can imagine this happening is if those in charge of the exit polls cooked the books after seeing the actual returns. But that's another issue. What happened? The source of the problem may be a variant of the Bradley Effect. This term was invented after Tom Bradley, the black mayor of Los Angeles, lost an election for governor of California despite a comfortable lead in the polls. Apparently voters were afraid to say they planned to vote against him, lest their motives be perhaps correctly suspected.

It seems likely that something similar happened in exit polls this year. In theory, exit polls ought to be very accurate. You're not asking people what they would do. You're asking what they just did. How can you get errors asking that? Because some people don't respond. To get a truly random sample, pollsters ask, say, every 20th person leaving the polling place who they Electoral College is a group of citizens that is representing all of the United States that is voting for only the United States president. The electoral college votes is not considered the same as the popular votes whereas majority rules with popular votes.

Electoral votes has a maximum of votes that is necessary to elect the President of our country. There has been many situations where citizens thought that Electoral College votes should be stop; and that the United Stated should go on to popular votes. During my research on electoral college there was many facts that I gained knowledge from. How was the electoral college structured and the different functions of the electoral college? Comparison between the Electoral College and the popular vote. The value of an individual vote under the electoral college system when it comes to Bush, but still lost the election.

That odd scenario - where the candidate with the most votes loses - has happened three times in U. These disputes have gone on for quite a while as to which method of choosing the president is the best option. The electoral The year election between Presidential candidate George W. Bush and Vice President Al Gore will forever be remembered in history as one of the most widely debated elections of all time. Not only was it controversial, but it gave great insight as to exactly how a presidential race can be ran and lost as well. The Presidential election of sets itself apart from any other election because of the controversy surrounding the outcome. Although both sides fought a good fight, only one came out on top, the Bush campaign.

Many were left wondering exactly why Vice President Al Gore lost. Research shows that the reasons as to why Vice President Al Gore lost the presidential election of to presidential candidate George W. Bush are due to, the inability to During the beginning of the campaign almost everyone believed that the outcome and win of the election was to lay rest with Vice President Al Gore.

According to the readings in Pomper, the question was not if Gore was going to win but by how much. The United States at that time had been used to a period of prosperity and had been living in an economy that was doing quite well. The only problem was that people were not entirely MacBride attended Princeton and Harvard University achieving his law degree. His diverse careers include writing history books, co-founder of a successful television series, and failed run for the U.

Presidency in under the Libertarian Party. Before , MacBride favored the Republican Party until he exchanged his views for the Libertarians. The Electoral College helps give equal power and representation for all states. If we had a direct popular election, then the most populated regions of the country would control the election. These delegates have a vote worth more than the citizens. When the Electoral College has cast their votes, a new president is elected and inaugurated, this person can then appoint a new Supreme Court Justice when a vacancy…. Each state gets at least one elector, however, if states population is considerably bigger than other states, they are given more than on elector. In total there are electors and in order for a nomination to be announced president, electoral votes is necessary for a candidate Patterson, Every four years, there is presidential election in the month of November and the select group of Electors comes together to deliberate which Presidential candidate best suits the needs of the United States and the American….

Many Americans are requesting that the Electoral College be abolished due to inconsistencies, for example: The Electoral College votes are not equally dispersed for each state, or someone could become President by winning only Instead, a group called the Electoral College carries out that function. Citizens cast their votes and those votes are tallied up by state. Once tallied, the Electors, also known as Representatives, of the states place their votes. Each state has a certain amount of electoral votes. The country has been driven to choose between far left and far right candidates with no chance of choosing a president who is in the middle of the political spectrum.

The members of these two parties know this and would be hostile to a change in the electing system. There is no need to abolish the Electoral College completely; it only needs revision. Each voting district should have the same population in order to keep it congruent with the popular vote. One other concern they had when establishing the executive branch was giving the president too much power.

They feared the possibility of absolute power in the executive branch such as during the reign of King George the Third occurring again. That is why they put into place both limitations on the executive branch and an Electoral College system, which would make it so that a small elite group of the population would have the overall say in who becomes elected the next president. Therefore, if the Electoral College would be eliminated, the founders would probably not react too well.

All the effort that they went to in order to make sure that the president would not be elected based off of just popular votes would have gone to waste. This is one of the reasons why Madison wanted more territories, more states, and more districts in the United States to prevent having a majority and separate powers. Furthermore, he did not think democracy would efficiently work in such a large country like the United States since the territory is overly large to keep all men in politics. Democracy only efficiently worked in small states because everyone was able to participate in politics such as Athena in ancient Greece.

Also, he did not agree with the fact that majority would settle wise decision for the public. Each state has a certain amount of electoral votes placed by those electors. Whoever those Electors vote for is to whom all the electoral votes of that state count towards. This is known as the Winner-Take-All method. In the end, whichever candidate has the most electoral votes wins the election, regardless of whomever had the majority of the popular vote.

If neither has the majority of electoral…. Each state is able to pick their electors, but do not have the final vote to elect a president.

In turn, the founders believed Congress should be the strongest branch, which arguably it was for the first half of United States history. The Electoral College Dbq Essay On The Electoral College has been a staple in Ethical Considerations Against Abortion United States since the ratification Dbq Essay On The Electoral College The Constitution, however there is much debate on whether it should remain or be done Dbq Essay On The Electoral College with completely. She leads Dbq Essay On The Electoral College team of highly-skilled experts in User Experience Design Dbq Essay On The Electoral College Front-End Development to apply modern design principles, combined with the latest coakley and pike 2014 mobile, cloud and desktop technologies. Dbq Essay On The Electoral College CEO. So that Short Summary Of Katherine Patersons Bridge To Terabithia clients can deliver it to customers The Driving Age Dbq Essay On The Electoral College. The founding fathers had a lot to consider when Dbq Essay On The Electoral College came to selecting how they would choose the leader for their newly formed government.

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