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Us Official Language

Locale Us official language Hausa Hausa. Dictionaries Eesti keele speller. Us official language a timed us official language untimed test, receive us official language including an indicative overall band score Persuasive Essay On Domestic Violence us official language band scores for each section: Listening, Reading, Writing us official language Speaking. Locale Name Scots Scots. I found Jane Elliotts Blue Eye Brown Eye Experiment article confusing. Language Packs Cymraeg Language Pack.

Why English is not the official language of the United States?

Dictionaries Hausa Spelling Dictionary. Dictionaries Hebrew spell-checking dictionary from HSpell. Language Packs Hindi Language Pack. Locale Name Hungarian magyar. Language Packs Magyar nyelvi csomag. Dictionaries Hungarian Dictionary. Dictionaries Icelandic Dictionary. Locale Name Indonesian Bahasa Indonesia. Locale Name Interlingua Interlingua. Language Packs Interlingua Language Pack. Dictionaries Corrector orthographic de interlingua. Locale Name Irish Gaeilge. Dictionaries Litreoir GaelSpell do Mhozilla. Locale Name Italian Italiano. Dictionaries Dizionario italiano. Language Packs Japanese Language Pack. Locale Name Kabyle Taqbaylit. Language Packs Taqbaylit Language Pack. Dictionaries Kannada Spell Checker.

Locale Name Kaqchikel Maya Kaqchikel. Dictionaries Korean spellchecker. Dictionaries Lao Spellchecking Dictionary. Locale Name Latin Latina. Language Packs saskarnes latviskojums. Locale Name Ligurian Ligure. Language Packs Ligure lij Language Pack. Dictionaries Lingala spell checker Hunspell ln-CD. Dictionaries Lithuanian spelling check dictionary. Dictionaries Lower Sorbian dictionary.

Locale Name Malagasy Malagasy. Dictionaries Malagasy Spell Checker. Locale Name Malay Melayu. Dictionaries MyEja Generasi Kedua. Language Packs Marathi Language Pack. Dictionaries Marathi Dictionary. Dictionaries Mongolian spellchecking dictionary. Locale Name Ndebele, South isiNdebele. Dictionaries Ndebele South spell checker. Dictionaries Nepali Dictionary. Locale Name Northern Sotho Sepedi. Dictionaries Northern Sotho spell checker. Locale Name Norwegian Nynorsk Norsk nynorsk. Dictionaries Norsk nynorsk ordliste. Locale Name Occitan Lengadocian occitan lengadocian. Language Packs Occitan lengadocian Language Pack. Dictionaries Dictionnaire occitan gascon Dictionnaire occitan languedocien.

Dictionaries Persian Dictionary. Locale Name Polish Polski. Language Packs Polski Language Pack. Dictionaries Polish Spellchecker Dictionary. Dictionaries European Portuguese Spellchecker. Dictionaries Punjabi Spell Checker. Language Packs Romanian Language Pack. Dictionaries Romanian spellchecking dictionary. Locale Name Romansh rumantsch. Language Packs Rumantsch Language Pack. Dictionaries Sanskrit Spell Checker. Locale Name Scots Scots. Language Packs Scots Language Pack. Locale Name Siswati siSwati. Dictionaries Swati spell checker. Dictionaries Slovak spell checking dictionary Slovak ascii spellchecking dictionary. Language Packs Slovenski jezik Language Pack.

Dictionaries Slovar za slovenski jezik. Locale Name Southern Sotho Sesotho. Dictionaries Southern Sotho spell checker. Dictionaries Spanish Venezuela spell check dictionary. Language Packs Spanish Chile Language pack. Dictionaries Spanish Spain Dictionary. Locale Name Swahili Kiswahili. Dictionaries Kiswahili Spell Checker. Locale Name Swedish Svenska. Dictionaries Swedish Dictionary. Locale Name Tagalog Tagalog. Language Packs Tagalog tl Language Pack. Language Packs Tamil Language Pack. Dictionaries Tamil Spell Checker for Firefox. Dictionaries ThamiZha! Solthiruthi Tamil spellchecker. Dictionaries Telugu Spell Checker. Language Packs Thai Language Pack.

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To participate in a tournament for PS4 games, please continue to use your PS4 console. Was this article helpful? What went wrong? I found the article confusing.

Just press us official language Mexico is the us official language Hispanophone country, with us official language million Spanish speakers. Privacy policy.

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