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The Tiny Seed

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The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle

Look at the cover and all the pictures without reading the story. Point out things that interest you. Parent Tip: This book has a lot of text and younger preschoolers may have difficulty sitting still for the whole story. They will still enjoy looking at the pictures though. The illustrations do a great job of telling the story, so this will suffice until they are old enough to listen to the words. Plant motion The sun will shine Make circle with hands And the rain will fall, Let fingers flutter down to lap My seeds will sprout Cup hands together; extend upward slowly And grow really tall. Stand on tiptoes and indicate tall.

Plant some seeds together. Choose something that will sprout quickly. Sunflowers are a great choice. The seeds are large, germinate quickly, and grow into very impressive flowers. Show the children the picture on the front of the seed package. Look at the seeds. Marvel at the way the seed transforms into a huge plant. Provide spoons, pots and soil and follow the directions on the seed packet to plant the seeds. Keep the plant watered and place it in a sunny window once it pushes through the soil. When it is a small seedling it can go into the garden.

A seed jar is a very cool seed science activity to try! Children can watch the seed sprout, put out roots, and start to grow. You can also watch a time-lapse video of seeds germinating and growing. Make popcorn together. Show your children the popcorn seeds and use a hot air or microwave popper to pop the corn. Compare the size of the popped corn with the seeds. Alternatively enjoy some fruit or vegetables that have seeds such as apples, pears, cucumbers, tomatoes, and edible pod peas. Invite your children to plant flowers with this delightful play dough activity. Cupcake Liner Flowers: This is a really simple craft and preschoolers really seem to enjoy it. Turn the cupcake liners inside out, so the bright colors are on the inside. Use a dab of glue to layer two or more cupcake lines.

These engaging activities help students enjoy the colorful works of Eric Carle. For this story, students focus on the life cycle of plants. Before-, during-, and after-reading activities are provided for a comprehensive study of the story. With a little help from a watering can, bright sunlight, and a lot of patience, two friends plant seeds in their community garden and watch how they grow. Slowly, the seeds turn into sprouts, which grow into stems, followed by leaves and buds!

The garden will soon be teeming with life and ready for a harvest season celebration. But until then, the children water and wait and dream. Four favorites from Eric Carle are available in one gift set! Parents love Eric Carle as much as kids do, and these four books in a compact boxed set make a perfect gift! Uses Eric Carle's The tiny seed to introduce beginning science concepts to the K-2 classroom. Easy science experiences, art projects, writing, problem solving, language development activities. She is excited and scared. With the support of her family, friends and mentors Stella discovers she has a very special gift that will always guide her. In a village on the slopes of Mount Kenya, a little girl worked in the fields with her mother.

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