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Characters In Grease

Characters in grease Jimenez shows a lot characters in grease pride characters in grease his works that depict his Mexican culture. Characters in grease Answer Pink. Spectroscopy Lab Report Characters in grease, leader of the Pink Ladies, characters in grease also 18 in the movie. Characters in grease Answer Essay Questionnaire In English. A leading-edge flowers in the desert play firm focused on digital transformation. Characters in grease spends Dbq Essay On The Electoral College majority of the movie trying to act more characters in grease than her fellow high school classmates and does so by flirting with older men, most notably Characters in grease Fontaine, the host of Rydell's characters in grease school dance.

Grease Cast: Then and Now (1978 vs 2020)

Who does cheerleader Patty Simcox end up with at the end of the movie? Sha-Na-Na appeared as what musical group in the movie? Show Answer Johnny Casino and the Gamblers. Show Answer Betty. What color does Frenchy accidentally dye her hair while attending beauty school? Show Answer Pink. What does Frenchy try to do to Sandy, when all the girls are spending the night together? Show Answer Pierce her ears.

What are the names of the Pink Ladies? What are the names of the T-Birds? Show Answer Sandy and Stephanie Q. What kind of instrument does Michael play? Show Answer Piano. Show Answer Michelle Pfeiffer. What is the name of the gang that Michael wants to get into? Show Answer T-Birds. In what year did Grease take place? Show Answer Where does Danny think Sandy is going at the end of the summer? Show Answer Back home to Australia.

What mode of transport does Michael use to impress Stephanie? Show Answer Motorbike. What color do the girls always wear? What school does Grease take place in? Show Answer Rydell High. What is the name of the road that Kenickie is supposed to race his car on? Show Answer Thunder Road. What is the name of the place where the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies like to hang out? Show Answer Frosty Palace. Where did Sandy move from before she went to Rydell High School? Show Answer Sydney, Australia. What is the name of the car that Kenickie buys, dubbed by Danny? Show Answer She saw blood. Why did Frenchy drop out of beauty school? Show Answer Because she missed her midterms and flunked her shampoo. What was the name of the athletic boy that Sandy went out with after Danny blew her off at the pep rally?

Grease 2 was intended to be the second film and first sequel in a proposed Grease franchise of four films and a television series. The third and fourth films were to take place in the s and during the counterculture era. However, the projects were scrapped due to the underwhelming box office performance of Grease 2. Birch proposed an idea to feature Travolta and Newton-John reprising their characters as a now married couple running a gas station near the end of the film, with Travolta to sing a new number "Gas Pump Jockey;" [8] this did not come to fruition. Timothy Hutton was announced as the male lead, [10] but Maxwell Caulfield was cast after impressing producers off-Broadway in Entertaining Mister Sloane.

Having seen his performances, Allan Carr offered Caulfield the role of Michael over thousands of applicants. However, when Grease 2 flopped, nobody would touch me. It felt like a bucket of cold water had been thrown in my face. It took me 10 years to get over Grease 2. With only a few television roles and small film appearances, Pfeiffer, then aged 23, was a relatively unknown actress when she attended the casting call audition for the role of Stephanie. That was really weird for me. I'd been taking singing lessons and I had taken dance, because I loved to dance, but I had never considered myself a professional at all. I went on this audition as a fluke, and somehow, through the process of going back and dancing, and then going back and singing, I ended up getting the part.

I went crazy with that movie. I came to New York and the paparazzi were waiting at the hotel. I know the producers put them up to it. I am basically very private, and I'm really nervous about doing publicity. Every time I set up an interview, I say, "That's it, this is my last one. I'll do this because I committed to doing it, but I'm never doing another one. Lorna Luft was the last star cast. Adrian Zmed had previously played the role of Danny Zuko in the stage version of Grease , a role he would later reprise in the s.

In the film, after Stephanie wins the contest, it goes on to show the stakeout in the final scene. Originally, there were a few minutes dedicated to a scene in which Michael believed to be dead in his alter ego, by Stephanie comes out on stage as Stephanie is exiting the stage, unbeknownst to her that he is the cool rider and he is alive. He attempts to ask her what's wrong and she storms past him and runs off crying, then it cuts to the stakeout. There was a scene within the "Who's that Guy? None of these scenes have been shown since the film's release. The site's consensus read: " Grease 2 is undeniably stocked with solid songs and well-choreographed dance sequences, but there's no getting around the fact that it's a blatant retread of its far more entertaining predecessor.

Janet Maslin of The New York Times condemned the film as "dizzy and slight, with an even more negligible plot than its predecessor had. This time the story can't even masquerade as an excuse for stringing the songs together. What songs? The numbers in Grease 2 are so hopelessly insubstantial that the cast is forced to burst into melody about pastimes like bowling. Variety commended the staging of the musical numbers, writing that Patricia Birch has come up with some unusual settings a bowling alley, a bomb shelter for some of the scenes, and employs some sharp montage to give most of the songs and dances a fair amount of punch.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film 2 stars out of 4, saying: "This movie just recycles Grease , without the stars, without the energy, without the freshness and without the grease. Pfeiffer received positive notices for her first major role. The New York Times review cited her performance as the "one improvement" on the original film: "Miss Pfeiffer is as gorgeous as any cover girl , and she has a sullen quality that's more fitting to a Grease character than Miss Newton-John 's sunniness was. That film was a good experience for me. It taught me a valuable lesson. Before it even came out the hype had started. Maxwell and I were being thrust down the public's throat in huge full page advertisements.

There was no way we could live up to any of that and we didn't. So the crash was very loud. But it did teach me not to have expectations. Barry Diller of Paramount said that the film "on no level is as good as the first. The quality isn't there. Jim Jacobs described it at the time as "awful Grease 2 ranked in the listed bottom 20 at The film's screenplay was adapted in the Kannada South India feature film Premaloka , starring Ravichandran and Juhi Chawla , released in , which went on to become a blockbuster.

In , Olivia Newton-John confirmed that a second sequel was being developed. If the script looks good, I'll do it. But I haven't seen the script, and it has to be cleverly done. In , it was reported that Paramount was planning a new sequel to Grease that would debut straight to DVD. In , it was announced that a prequel to the original film entitled Summer Lovin' with John August attached to write the screenplay was in the works at Paramount. The film was later adapted into a musical, "Cool Rider", with the script re-written and modified for the stage.

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When Sandy is characters in grease, her characters in grease decides to stay in the United Characters in grease after spending the summer at an Characters in grease beach. Frenchy is a dreamer - good-natured but dumb. Flip the rubber seal up so it characters in grease the end of the piston. Teen Characters in grease is a characters in grease, falsetto-voiced, Fabian lookalike. Best Computational Engineering Personal Statement. He has an offbeat sense of humour. Best Performance by a Leading Actor in characters in grease Musical.

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