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The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay

It was perhaps a device gleaned from his fascination with Racism In Cry The Beloved Country paranormal, where Mediums are The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay restricted by physical boundaries. World-federalist, utopian fanatic Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell conceived of the development and use of nuclear weaponry as a trick The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay terrifying governments into The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay the right to defend their sovereignties by Anne Frank Diary The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay. Thousands of women were raped, many The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay, while thousands The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay others were The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay as sex slaves. For historic anti Catholicism you have to take a not too close look at Unionism to The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay it it in The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay. It is stated in the Qur'aan, "Prepare as many forces as you can against them.

Compare and Contrast Paragraph

These marches appear to be primarily about celebrating colonialism in Scotland and N. Ireland, which implies they would probably have no place in an independent Scotland. This species of third worldish religious sectarianism, however benign it may appear on the surface to some, is capable of growing into something more «disruptive». It is natural for people of different so called traditions to want to live in harmony with their neighbours. Introduce a «grievance» and friends can become enemies with fatal consequences. The case of the Jewish population of Arabic speaking countries is a matter of toleration turned by politics into intolerance. Tha assimilated, loyal Jews of prenazi Germany another example.

To be facile, Scotland has been Catholic longer than it has been Protestant; official start Some versions of Scottish history, the Unionist story, would lead you to believe that the arrival of French Calvinism was the beginning of the authentic, enlightened Scotland. It did leverage the union with England so it was truly a good thing. As I said my fathers friends came from Glasgow for fishing weekends, different faiths, different views but never a serious argument between them.

I find it interesting that it is politicians, governments and councils feeding and instilling the hate crime,. At least on one occasion due to the band stopping at a chapel the detritus that follows the hatefest assaulted a member of the clergy. No hatefest no detritus. Ban the hatefest marches and the detritus that follows them which causes mayhem will scatter for good. Its function, by — the year of the first Orange march in Scotland, was as much to replace among Scots Protestants their sense of Scottishness with that of Britishness as it was to remove the possibility of rebellious collaboration between Protestants and Catholics — an alliance which almost cost the British state Ireland in The Grand Orange Lodge of British America was established in Toronto in , and it expanded steadily so that there were over 20 lodges in , 31 in , and 56 by Between and , the Orange Order was involved in 29 riots in Toronto, of which 16 had direct political inspiration.

I am a supporter of the right to lawfully march on the streets of Glasgow or any other streets in Scotland. Oh right Scott, I suppose you thought it would be nice just to play devils advocate for the vile sectarian flute bands, what next Scott, will you play devils advocate for Klu Klux Klan. Try reading my link at 4. Well, if they were marching to free Palestine or to aid the WASPI women, or for world peace etc, then fair enough, but they are not. They are a sectarian outfit blasting out vile bigoted tunes that are offensive to a fair number of folk in Scottish society. I would prefer to have it served up, in this case, with less of the sullen, triumphalist tropes. Live and let live is I believe a Scottish axiom. Might we not try it?

Would an anti-Muslim organisation be permitted to take to the streets if they claimed they were celebrating the Battle of Granada? I think many Scots would echo the sentiment that the default position should be that without being too Voltairean about it people should be allowed to march and protest, even if they are doing so in support of something we may personally disagree with or even find objectionable. The issue in Scotland is that for too long the Orange Order has been and has been seen to be untouchable, and could do more or less whatever it wanted in a way which would not have been tolerated for other organisations.

The LoL is a nest of sectarian bigotry: it may be disproportionate to actually ban it as an organisation, but it should be about as socially acceptable as the KKK or British National Party. Andy is so unloved that he speaks on behalf of all the mainstream straw-men he can create, knowing each individual can be burned at the stake if they display any empathy towards the red-under-the-bed army of moonhowling, racist, anti-vax, not-educated-to-doctorate-level tubthumpers.

Stand on your own two feet, Andy, and give us YOUR opinions on matters, without tacking them onto the views of others. They would be celebrating that for the next Years until they were finally defeated in Granada in If you had what could be termed a reasonable understanding of both British history and history in Britain, you would know why the Act of Union of has such provisions in it, given the context of the times. Those are my opinions. This is another example of why it would be easier to have full responsibility for the social security system, rather than having to work with the complex and often dated systems in place in the UK government. Knives are dangerous, after all. Long knives are even more dangerous.

I actually do agree with Voltaire, educated by Jesuits, in this particular. Bring it on, let us discourse. That is surely what rational human beings do, is it not? Were «the world» more accepting of such intellectual diversity, rather than the current one which seems all about sex, «ethnicity» and identitarian virtue signalling we might get along so much better.

Being brought face to face with those of a different opinion is good for the soul and the intellect. We have nothing to lose but our prejudices. You missed the entire point of the reference. The history at the time was at the heart of it. What part of Divid and Rule can you not grasp? You probably think the Plantation was generous gift to reward your relatives. The Orange Order are the bampot bigot decoys. Useful tools. A sectarian parody of the Freemasons. Much of the economic, judicial and political power in Scotland is exercised by Freemasons and their Eastern Star female compatriots.

I think they would be making a major mistake in deselecting Joanna. She could stand anywhere and gain support across all parties. Scott says: 18 September, at pm robbo says: 18 September, at pm. If you think that green is the highest colour in the Orange order then you just shows how ill-informed you are. Even a quick google search could actually tell you that. Alternatives to outright banning of OO marches include a re-routing them to isolated, rarely used mountain roads, beaches, disused industrial areas etc and b confining them to a venue e. They have already made a few major mistakes re Joanna. I would prefer to see her join Alba or stand as an independent. OT Crikey, those algorithm programmers are getting way too good with their suggestions based on what you previously watched!

I wonder when and where that battle took place? Interesting that amidst all the anti-Orange stuff nobody is defending their right to walk and celebrate. The truth is I have no idea what these Orange people are celebrating in any specific sense — something to do with catholics and ancient battles. What I think people are really offended by when they oppose Orange Walks is the claim and assumption of superiority at the heart of their organisational ethos. Anyway, opposing them and criticising them just seems to encourage them.

It sort of validates their existence and gives them a special kind of acknowledgment and attention. Maybe everybody should try applauding them or something. If they did, then Sturgeon The Betrayer would likely go easy on the Tango themed flute-tooters and drum-bangers. Janey Godley was quite a good comedian at the start, but like so many in the Sturgeon Nasty Party, the comedian Godley ignored the faults and sins of Sturgeon. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Just as a matter of interest, how far down the order of succession are you? Could be a fair assumption -who knows? A lot of researchers, historians and academics seem to think so.

Most of it has already been done on certain subjects- in particular this horrifying time in history. The Pope of the time and King Billy did have a equivalent enemy, so it suited them both. The enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that eh! Lots of stuff to read through, no need for you to go to Ibrox today! Crude, draughty two-roomed cottages, with a scullery at the back, and an outside toilet. Most but not all were Protestants.

They were Protestants, they supported the Royal Family, therefore they were better than the Roman Catholics who were ruled over by a wee Italian man in Rome. The fact that the staunch Protestantwho lived in number 18, and worked at the coal face down the local pit, was in exactly the same situation as the devout Roman Catholic, who lived in number 19 and worked at thes same coal face, never seemed to occur to these staunch marchers. The ludge is just another means of keeping down the working class, and they are still falling for the con.

Various Royals have taken their turn to be the Heid Bummer there — you will not find a link between the Protestant, Royals-supporting Orange Order and the Royal Family. Hatuey says: 19 September, at am Interesting that amidst all the anti-Orange stuff nobody is defending their right to walk and celebrate. There are many halls available for hire. Strange how the stories of Pope Innocent X1 Innocents involvement in the Battle came after his death on 12 August The change from Julian to Gregorian calendars accounts for 12 days not months.

Pope Alexander V was not elected until Feb I doubt very much that the Machiavellian behaviour of all those involved ever became known. It is far more likely the spin was added later to aid whatever political struggle was taking place then. The Battle of Aughrim was fought on 12 July which is the probable cause of date confusion. Along with calendar change The Battle of the Boyne was 30th. June to 1st. They want everyone tarred with the same brush. Why get involved in a brawl when we can punch clever? My advice is steer well clear when the clowns are in town, let them condemn themselves by their actions. No need to lower ourselves to that level.

The British Establishment would love it. Rise above it, find something else to do that day and stay safe. Peaceful protest by all means, but peaceful means avoiding confrontation with the dancing monkeys. Our targets are the organ grinders, the establishment. By refusing to participate, we win. Big time. Once again, for those who wish to completely ignore the will of voters in Scotland. There as a referendum.

No won. Seems to me that there is a large-ish group of organised and committed people in Scotland who can mobilise thousands and maybes tens of thousands of people to march, mostly peacefully, in support and commemoration of their beliefs. Seems to me that the authorities recognise and respect the determination of the marchers and realise that the event will happen regardless. So the authorities bow to the inevitable and cooperate. Aye me tae. Remember the area well.

Great place to be brought up, though some did get dragged up with the sash my father wore slogan hence their ignorance. They left all their children the free choice to investigate religion when they were older in age and wisdom. Those in power use it as a tool, as a excuse, as a reason, to control and to gain wealth, Churches of all faiths usually end up owning land, gold, silver, and people. They usually end up as part of a governments decisions. This has been included in wars, chosen monarchies and in the treaty of the union Acts. In the declaration of Arbroath which in this case just happened to fall in favour of the Scots, but could have gone either way,. I doubt very much wether God believed in religion per se. For he did not believe in gathering riches or killing ones neighbours..

Religion is the scourge of the upper echelon in society and has the purpose of controlling people.. Respectable citizen by day, but a drunken, gambling, thieving rogue by night…. We do not need history lessons here about popes and fecking battles of the whatever I am sure most people can research anything they are not familiar with, I know I can. The entity which is greatly responsible for validating and emboldening the sentiments of Orangeism in Scotland is Rangers FC. There is no real political will from anyone at all in Scotland to even try such a thing. Any political discussion about the subject is just so much tap-dancing round the elephant.

Orange Order band marches must be banned if progress is to be made to heal the sectarian divide in Scotland. Religion has never killed anyone, religion cannot kill anyone because it does not exist as an entity I have always thought of religion as a thing for good, if it is used for anything other than good, then you have to put the blame for that where is belongs. Both are not tied down to ethnicity or nation or culture they are cosmopolitan. It is sometimes that aspect that accounts for prejudice on the pretext of not like us, not fitting in, not loyal, too different to trust. The way to weaken a country is to exploit divisions. The British state in its fear of Catholicism by the «back doors» of Ireland and Scotland did an excellent job manipulating the forces of societal division in both.

Unionism is fundamentally concerned with retaining the Protestant identity of the state from monarchy down. The quasi religious trappings of Orange parades, «icons» of William of Orange, holy relic symbols of a pure Protestant monarchy set against the continental Catholics and their underhand and subversive Jesuitical knavish tricks strikes a visceral chord even with those who would never march or darken the door of a kirk.

It has been pointed out that one of the drivers of Brexit in England was a distrust of the European union enterprise as a alien «Catholic» idea. The British, having had an empire functioning on Protestant values, however subliminal, did not need this papistical novelty. There really is no getting away from the hypothesis that without the exceptionalist feed from the British state Orangeism would wither and die. If anything, it gives us Catholics the opportunity to do what we should be doing forgiveness, turn the other cheek and all that whilst also maintaining our dignity and keeping the morale high ground. Catholics, in particular, moved to prominence within Glasgow District Council years ago.

It was just never that much of an issue. A catholic cannot become the king or queen in this so called United Kingdom, you cannot be the defender of the faith and be a catholic or practice any other religion for that matter. But Henry number eight fell out with the catholics because they would not give him a divorce, so he created the church of england The head chopper offer left the papal fucker offers. If you tried to get into scotts shipyard in greenock years ago if you where a catholic I can assure anyone, it was an issue One every form for work in the area it asked, what school did you go to………………… WHY?

Why has the school you went to got anything to do with joining a social club, I have never joined anything that asked me about religion or schools that I went to and I am not a church goer. They even thought that they could use it against each other in Westminster to rid themselves of uncontrolled politicians. God can be preyed to wherever you are and in any environment, you do not need a self elected intermediary. Religion in itself is a cult for control, it burnt innocent people at the stake as witches across the world, And Britain has used it in many countries, Religion is the devils tool for the establishment.

I prey and I believe good, in helping the poor or those that are ill or unable, those of all faiths, and the bullied underdog,. A believe in Good and God are uppermost, But religion in itself is a cult used for division. NS is playing the same tune as the rest of the leaders. The people have to be wiser than the stupid boss. This fact was fully illustrated by the action of the old Franco-Irish at the time of the French Revolution. They in a body volunteered into the English army to help put down the new French Republic, and as a result Europe witnessed the spectacle of the new republican Irish exiles fighting for the French Revolution, and the sons of the old aristocratic Irish exiles fighting under the banner of England to put down that Revolution.

It is time we learned to appreciate and value the truth upon such matters, and to brush from our eyes the cobwebs woven across them by our ignorant or unscrupulous history-writing politicians. The job i do right now, i am jokingly reminded of by some of the older staff, Catholics were barred from. I was raised in a Protestant bigoted family. Like many others who seek an Independent Scotland I came to despise the West coast religious bigotry. From either side. In fact from any group towards any other section of society. If you do not think we should be removing this curse from society then you are a bigot trying to hide the fact by a pathetic distortions of reality. I remember when I was raised on the west coast, Kids at school asked what religion I believed in, and I asked my dad what I should say to avoid a disagreement with friends,.

Geoff, thanks for the compliment. Strange world indeed. My opinion is that I would prefer to live in a tolerant, respectful society and for that to be achieved through kindness and forgiveness- not through the imposition of a Hate law that will only serve to damage and separate our society even more. Not about a bill, but about their political future. Thank you Fred for acknowledging the wisdom of my parents, whom believed in putting people first, And any religious or racism last,.

The new religious bigotry cult is now upon us causing trouble and divide as it was meant too. Even the covid divide. They want us to hate each other. They want one section against the other in Scotland, in Ireland, and English vs Scots, one religion against the other,. Believe in yourself first, have confidence in who you are, and we will win over those whom want us to fight amongst ourselves so they can divide us into a weaker position in the independence of society and Scotland. The courts and tribunals have recognised that some religions can also be a race; it is long-established that Judaism and Sikhism can be both a race and a religion for the purposes of discrimination legislation.

Then there is also the case of an SNP politician taking a nursery to court because he claims his child was discriminated against due to Muslim name. Covers Independence, Colonialism, Franchise, Language etc. Quite the ratio on that tweet too. I seldom took more satisfaction in someone failing to get elected than him. What good are these timorous creatures? They take the money but fail to represent their constituents. And not discriminating between which kind of Scot to be exterminated in his ideal world.

Does anyone believe that nicolas more cautious has actually worked? The troubles NHS Scotland is having now is due to the policy of over centralization that has massively reduced capacity. They have also been accused of disrupting the party and launching attacks from within, before some left to join Alba in March this year. So many of those elected from these lists simply deserted their posts or joined another party. Hoorah for Mandy! RUBY It is the term «race» that is problematic. Slotting people into a «racial type» is not good science since it cannot provide objective accuracy. The DNA industry spawned by the ancestry business is an example of that. I come from an ancient people who lived between the Tigris and Euphrates in what is now modern Iraq.

It is likely they were a genetically mixed bunch, something most people are. There are Muslims in China who look Chinese, there are Muslims in Turkey with light to blond hair, there are black Muslims and red headed Muslims etc. Even calling Islam an ethnicity stretches the thing, to invoke the term race stretches credulity. Well, maybes, but as the alternative to working out if somebody has similar values, attitudes, aspirations, beliefs, etc. I assume you would agree that a group of people occupying a specific place can be said as a first approximation at least to have similar values, attitudes, aspirations, beliefs, etc? In the real world, we all have no alternative but to be aware of the likely racial background of strangers we meet.

There is just too much risk of causing offence, real or imagined, if we blithely assume that this is something that does not matter. The rear sprocket is fixed to the rear wheel, ergo, if the bike is moving then the chain from the rear wheel is driving the crank so you have to pedal and have no ability to just coast along. Stand candidates in northern English constituencies? At school there were many who had parents that were in the OO, What I notice was, they were Protestants obviously who actually went to church regularly, and many especially women members of Temperance Associations that seemed to fade out in the early 70s , I put it down to the change in the OO locally.

When in fact Burns died one year after the OO was formed in , there is little likelihood of Burns being in Orange That is only my view point. Brian Doonthetoon I hope your Independence marches went well. The OO marches have taken all the media bandwidth up. I will give you a wee report about the Dundee Derby which was televised. First with my football hat on. Scrappy game, very little quality on display. What quality there was by outfield defenders.

The ba was a hot potato, no player wanted it for more than a nanosecond, too many fouls. With my United hat on. They are getting used to winning one nil. And were more confident than Dundee. Their end of game management was good in injury time. With my Dundee hat on. The best players were outfield defenders. No goals in 4 out of 6 matches tells a story. I am concerned about them avoiding the drop.

My moment of the match. Mulgrews tackle to save a certain Dundee equaliser. Both teams will probably struggle going forward. The team at the top of the table have won the most games. Dundee need a win. United need to keep winning one nil or but a goalscorer. My brothers tell me the atmosphere in the pub after the game was good. Hugh Jarse 2. So say the census showed a marked increase in English people moving to Scotland in the last 7 years, it could be the residential voting franchise goes back 7 years, with the influence from the sudden influx of incomers excluded.

Whatever their religious predilections, OO marches are demonstrations in favour of the Union and the Monarchy. Councils and the Police and other authorities allow these marches to take place regularly, with only minimum regulation and little or no interference. Councils and the Police and other authorities therefore have no justification for banning or unduly interfering with similar, albeit much better behaved demonstrations in favour of independence or, indeed, if it comes to that, opposed to the Monarchy.

If the authorities favour one of these groups and deny the other, is this not an offence against basic political freedoms? The religious aspect certainly compounds the issue, and it is serious. However, strategically, at least for the moment, this may not be the specific angle independence supporters ought to be highlighting. Or, worse, of the malicious and organised but unprosecuted four-pronged i. Think, too, of the way the Press in general, and the BBC in particular, quickly transformed that event into a story which blamed those who were maliciously attacked, while at the same time exonerating the perpetrators of what was, in fact, a genuine and organised hate crime.

If the SNP, a decade ago, was attracting attention south of the border, and Stu felt moved to write that post, we should acknowledge however difficult it may be now that the atmosphere was entirely different — we have to try and get that buzz back. Standing candidates in say, Cumbrian or Northumbrian constituencies, would take Alba right into areas where there is huge interest in Scottish independence for very obvious reasons.

Showing respect for the people of Carlisle and Newcastle is every bit as important as appealing to SNP members who insist on pickling themselves in denial — the fact that we have the people and arguments to be able to do both is, in itself, another mark of the positivity we can now capitalise on. And if we can harness that kind of righteous anger and energy? John Main says: 19 September, at pm Ottomanboi says — 19 September, at pm. The last paragraph which suggest we need to walk on eggshells around people of a certain race I believe has come about because of the too frequent use of the race card. No point talking about a minimum wage if that wage does not allow you to pay for the most basic so called affordable housing. Insist he join you in a dram to toast universal fellowship.

So you stop your car and offer her a lift. Tell him he really would be safer and more sensible if he were to wear a crash helmet when out on his motorbike. Three insults for three different minorities there. John Main says: Insist he join you in a dram to toast universal fellowship. How can you tell by race whether someone drinks alcohol or not? Why would you insist on someone having a dram?

Ever heard of alcoholism? Are you a police officer? If there has been any group that has supported these knuckle draggers it is the unionist labour party. Police Scotland have permitted 32 x roads in the centre of Glasgow on a Saturday to be closed to allow a scurvy drunken and anti-social mob of thousands to despoil our biggest city with their anti Irish and anti Catholic poison. Not only racist, sectarian but antipathetic to their own country and their own national identity. Waving the flags of the Colonial oppressors: Union Jack and the insulting made up N. Stupid, uneducated, lumpen prole puppets of the British brainwashing achieved by three hundred years of oppression and imperial lies.

Rangers F. Surely Blair MacDougal must be due a turn next? Fait accompli Nicola?.. We can have a a new flag: one with a St. The only people I heard of talking about Colonialism was from Independence people themselves. Nobody absolutely Nobody talked about Colonialism on the streets during There is a C word it is called Competence. Some people are trying to rewrite history. Never mind, your team got the big bag of fruit kudos today. RE: the good atmosphere. Look at Frews. A Dundee pub one week, a United pub the next. Brian Doonthetoon pm Tannadeachy here. I really miss Frews. David did a ten pound dub. I never back against Dundee teams. In fact I have lost a fortune on the Dundee double.

I have principles. I support Dundee teams. How did the marches go? Tannadice Boy…you should change yer moniker to Tannadice bairn. Only a child would write absolute pish like you do with absolutely nae conception of what colonialism means or what Alf Baird is telling you about the reality of Scotland today and how to change it. BTW , all that fake Dundee bonhomie is a loada shite.. Aye, Dundee city of discovery…discovering that the East has as many stupid bigots as the west. Lochside pm An easy answer. So where does Alf Baird want to defend his principles. On what street?. Any street in Scotland will do. I will be with him. When he will realise his theories are not mainstream. You can stand with us. Then maybe you will learn. Are you 15?.

The Dundee march had around 1, coming up the Seagate. When we got to Magdalene Green, there were around left. Sunday at George Square was fine. Alba speakers onstage and a lot of Alba hoodies and t-shirts in the crowd. Brian Doonthetoon pm Great stuff. I am thinking about joining Alba. Or at least providing a donation. I am fearful of joining a political party after I knew Sturgeon was a wrong un. We are Dundonians. Just love the shaved gorilla in the bowler hat, Chris. Despite having got out the ironing board and found the shoe polish, at the end of the day a knuckle dragging mouth breather in a cheap suit is still a knuckle dragging mouth breather.

As for the tattooed majorettes — could easily pass for a post zombie apocalypse American High School marching band. Well, tradition just saw dolphins hacked to bits just miles across the water. If Scotland is so poor and useless, why have they planned to run not one but two HVDC cables from Scotland to England, at a cost of many billions of quid…. In reality those higher charges are just away to extract yet more revenue out of Scottish resources.

America have since brought in laws to stop this nonsense, is it not about time Scotland did. The objectives would be the disintegration of the political and social institutions, of culture, language, national feelings, religion, and the economic existence of national groups, and the destruction of the personal security, liberty, health, dignity, and even the lives of the individuals belonging to such groups. Genocide is directed against the national group as an entity, and the actions involved are directed against individuals, not in their individual capacity, but as members of the national group. I can go ages without betting anything, but when I have a substantial wager on I intend to win, football is just an interest its not a very good sport to be risking your hard earned on But even with football, I like to come out ahead, even though its only an interest bet Horses, that is where the mathmatic side of betting comes in, that is the only sport I know where you can put your money on and the worse that can happen is you break even.

The same can be said of Iran, North Korea and Venezuela and of course Cuba, and any other country that Western hegemony is putting pressure on to comply. In my opinion the imprisoning of Murray has brought global shame on Scotland. Exactly and this as well.. This shame belongs with the LAW and those whom sit in judgement dishing out new illegal laws in Scotland, made up pretend laws, to imprison others they may disagree with on a personal level rather than professional. Those journalist whom do not stand up for journalism in all its shapes and forms. So unwise of them to offer up to «the enemy» a further reason to dismiss Scotland as «unfit». Historically, England has never been willing to concede to Scotland and the Scots on any front.

Reinforcing that prejudice by such an own goal is grotesque. Indeed the shame is not with the people of Scotland, for they were all shocked at another Scottish independence supporter being illegally attacked. British law has seeped in into Scots law through the back door of the devolved government. And is being used against us rather than upholding Scots law as stated in the treaty of the union as separate. I no longer believe that the SNP regime starting attacking rivals within the party and imprisoning people in order simply to neutralise the opposition and sustain itself. And I think we will find out some day. Even more unrelated — super-unrelated, if you like — I finally got around to watching a documentary recommended to me about Jacob Zuma, the former president of South Africa who was forced to resign and go to jail after being caught fiddling the public till.

The documentary I refer to is worth watching if you have any interest in the evolving role of offshore banking companies, the way they are corrupting and cosying up to governments all over the world like never before, and the role that lobbying and consulting firms play in these murky relationships. Who famously said politics was the shadow cast by big business on society? And there in lies the heart of the problem, the French and Spanish have no quibs about getting pro-active in a physical sort of way, they do own there governments mistakes to a degree and boy do they let them know it.

We elected these politicians to carry out our will, what they do reflects on us as a whole nation whether we like it or not. We have no media in Scotland to speak of, or at least promotes Scottish interests, the media in Scotland serves the British establishment. Just seen a wonderful interview with an Orange Marcher in N Ireland. He says Alex Salmond is a Jacobite living in the 17th Century! If there are shortages, who has them? From what we see, if you have the money you get the gas. Why would a supplier go bust when everyone is paying them monthly and most are in credit with Winter coming up? If supplier need some government finance to keep going, then if you are a Tory party supporter you will get it.

If not the competition reduces for their acquaintances who can pay even more to the party. The independent has some rubbish about not enough wind this year? What has that got to do with gas? Like the SA were to Hitler. RoS, painfully aware of the shortcomings of the media in Scotland. Utterly shocked that they do not recognise the threats to themselves as purveyors of doubtful information. As to protesting like the Spanish and french people, that means getting beat up by those in authority list. Nope, we have the legal to choose a new government, we should do it before there are no more Scots left outside a prison,. It does not say that that concept has to be run by the very government We wish to change. Ah, so you are arguing that the referendum confirmed that all the stuff about the nasty English and the colonisation of Scotland — started after the referendum i.

James Che. Cherry victorious for Scotland, and not so much against all odds, but certainly against the whole UK Establishment. Joanna Cherry is going to be pivotal I think. Perhaps even more pivotal to events even than Sturgeon. It would take a huge amount of charisma which seems in very short supply. Truth be known, I have a suspicion that malicious interference is a deliberate attempt to isolate Joanna Cherry, spike her guns, and prevent her from bringing down the Union singlehandedly.

The former is the much better option, IF it can be done. I just have this unshakable feeling that somehow, Joanna Cherry is one of them. I think the two events are linked, now if a demo of women gets Sturgeon all jittery and agitated, imagine what a huge demo booing and calling for Sturgeon to stand down might achieve. I think Holyrood is a stunning example of that. Holyrood means different things to a different people. Let that be judged by her Brexit capitulation eh? But that says enough. Any idea that the Alba Party is going to change anything quickly appears optimistic especially if, as seems possible, it follows the route taken by the SNP.

Have they ever spoken about the continuing colonialism practices and their relevance to Scotland? Perhaps that explains the focus on fringe matters of less importance than independence. Now that their conference is over will they slip into something more comfortable, join the rest of our political patriots and settle down? We are in a voluntary union, even Sturgeon the Betrayer said so a few days ago.

No rowdy demos against Sturgeon and the SNP no independence, no mass gatherings calling it out in Princess street or Sauchiehall street no independence. No brazen demos outside Bute house when Sturgeon is entertaining foreign dignitaries no independence. The problem Scotland has with ALBA is that they are seen by the younger generation as a party for old folks. Mhairi Black is an example. Alba has to attract youth into its senior ranks. It would help if they were intelligent and articulate but where are these individuals? In Scotland, above all. There, a great many people believe that they have much to lose — economically, socially, patriotically — if their nation secedes. Although current polls put independence in the lead, Scottish Unionism is still vigorous.

Had they abstained, the result would have been the same, though narrower. End the timed-out union, and allow England to encounter itself at last. Thank-you for your advice. I have worked in this industry for nearly years and I have never seen this type of report before. By the way, I listened to the game yesterday and I thought that you were fortunate. It is not enough to just call for NS to go. You also have to know who you want to take her place. That has to be somebody from the current SNP.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, they are entrenched in Hollyrood until May Unless the popular campaign to remove NS is also a popular campaign to put a named individual in her place, you will just be wasting your time. Musical chairs perhaps, but no real change. Brexit should have been a cast iron case for a Constitutional ultimatum. Scotland should be a Constitutional minefield for Westminster. Literally have them terrified to mention the word Scotland without getting into trouble. That is where we need much, much, more clarity. If one demo by women outside Holyrood has the parliament spooked into creating a law without justification or revealing the documentation for it, then imagine what a large demo could do, or large demos outside Bute house.

Nothing will happen on the indyfront John unless the people of Scotland make it happen. The down side John is that once again Sturgeon has promised to hold an indyref, this time its late , so folk will not rally to the demo cause until this date has passed. Independence means looking other than next door for «friends», especially when the neighbour is given to strong arm tactics. England and Scotland have never ever been bosom pals. Entente cordiale appears up the spout. In the circumstances where a member state wishes to leave the EU, the EU is obliged to negotiate in a way that is fully compatible with the constitution of that member state.

It clearly breaches the terms of the Treaties and Acts which founded the UK and on which the UK is based as a legal entity. It is therefore invalid. This means that even now — despite the fact that it is so late in the day — the Brexit settlement could and should be challenged in an international court. RepublicofScotland, Yes, regarding Indyref2 Nicola has asked everyone to continue enjoying a nice game of kick the can down the road, into the long grass, after the pandemic or a blue moon until we can correctly describe it as a Neverendum. Of course Covid will only affect people voting in a referendum and not a general election or a Holyrood election, funny how the works.

Best not concern ourselves with the contradictory stance. No, only if you make the hyperbolic false equivalence, which only a small minority of Scots accept, that Scotland is or was a colony. Aye to that. And especially so when the specific previously won democratic mandate borne of the material change in circumstance kicked in… Scotland being taken out of the EU against its expressed will. Article 49 and possibly more of relevance, Article He going by the mr was an occasional poster but generally always interesting, if a little intriguing in their comments.

I changed the S word to folk. Can you guess? The Danish proposals to suspend welfare payments to immigrants who have not found a job within 6 months? The Danes like the French the entente cordial was mentioned have had long standing issues with Islamic dress codes. The expectation is that the proposals will be tightened as it goes through the bill process. That sounds like a good idea. No, instead to really understand what is going on in the hell created by Alexander Boris De Pfeffle Johnson and his gang of Tory thugs, you need the foreign media. Here is an example. Worth reading right to the end. Scotland needs independence now, not in three years — or whenever the SNP think they might get around to it.

I used a quote from a well-known, reputable author because I wanted to widen the independence debate. I would have made a narrower argument than you against confederation so thank you for adding to it. The likes of Denmark, Norway and Finland have similar populations to Scotland with less natural resources Norway aside yet the few regressive policies aside, the nations appear to be quite successful, Scotland and England, and Wales will always share this island, and hopefully on friendly terms, but Scotland and England are two different countries, that in my opinion have been drifting apart for decades politically.

Any guesses at what it is the unionists have over Sturgeon She is doing such a grand job for them and they in turn support her What is it they have on her. Sturgeon has spent a great deal of money keeping two secrets — secret. What do you think the Unionists have on her!!! Super in fact. Just like Prince Phillips will to be a secret for 99 years to protect the dignity of the Queen, and only then might it be unsealed. The queen must be scheduling to live to years old. Wonder how long Queen Nicola is going to last. We could go on and on. How do we exploit the former and mini minimise the latter? Truck drivers, food shortages, etc. Secondly, and as you well know, there are truck driver shortages across Europe too causing supply chain issues there — is that Brexit too?

As an aside, I am somewhat amused about the headlines regarding the shortages of CO2! You might be forgiven for thinking that CO2 was vital as plant food and food production as opposed to being responsible for the end of humanity? Oh the irony! In reality, I suspect the last two could be quite important in determining if an Independent Scotland would wish to adopt a Nordic model. Always assuming Scotland is Independent of course. Freedom of movement would drive the first two down and the next three up in unpredictable and uncontrollable ways. If you think London will ever let the truth be told you must be deluded. The article below is a year old but an insight to the old empire mindset still dominant in London. Despite the evidence of every country under Empire Rule being lied to and cheated even after they left — Sturgeon wants to be polite and respectful.

First, and most significant, is Brexit. The ONS compile reports based on the information they have. If you withhold data, reclassify data then you distort the report. The link on my post above shows how files have been hidden. I have never been to Norway, never wanted to visit Norway, have no intention of ever going to Norway Suddenly Norway seems to be important in relation to Scotland and our future. Anyway explain this Mr Anderson why were there 10 times fewer deaths attributed to the Plague before the wonderful Serum than after this cure was being administered. As for your constant attention to Pixwine and anyone else who are just trying to get the message out and showing people what the media are covering up is that your task you job I have noticed you are not alone they are quite a few up to the same tricks and all doing the same thing discrediting anyone who dares to try and get people to turn off the daily propaganda headlines and start to think for themselves.

Better we had control of that resource so any revenues created from it could help invest and diversify into renewables energy production which we also have massive potential for. Under London Rule, Scotland is going to get shafted over renewables the same way it got shafted with the oil and gas. What would be so wrong in looking across the North sea to see how these small agile independent nations, which have tailored their policies to suits their needs, could a newly independent Scotland not learn something from them.

One of which was overcharging, I did keep the article for a long while ,and did phone PE to see if it was archived about 3 years ago. With no result There is little to stop a Scottish Government nationalising energy, the French do it to an extent Musk produces the cheapest energy in California, pop about 40 million There is little actually motivate any party to proceed, Piece of crap Brian Wilson has made a fortune out of a overused and really obsolete piece of junk 8 miles up the road,. That can be a clue that something is off. You are not critical thinkers. You are lazy. You regurgitate material that goes round in a circle on the Internet. The study of conspiracy nuts highlights the conviction that you are right and must save the World. It it truly impossible that you are wrong?

The answer Yes proves how far you have fallen down the rabbit hole! The scots have nothing to learn from anyone, my granny ran a house on pennies, imagine what the likes of her could have done with our resources today. There are some shortages with truck drivers over here in Europe but nothing like the UK. Sounds like your personal financial circumstances are of an acceptable and comfortable level, and you also still have your health. Some days the sea is flat calm.

You probably meant tidal power. Wave power generators, like wind turbines are inherently compromised in their design because they have to be built to withstand the absolute extremes of conditions. However, once you go down through the surface splash zone the tidal currents do not experience these wild swings, and they are consistently within far more constrained levels. Geoff Anderson, Do you believe everyone should be vaccinated? If so, why? If not, why not? Too Wee, Too Poor?

That could help businesses who have long complained that energy costs more in Britain than Europe, and are now battling the soaring costs. It is an island with a lot of offshore wind potential. When you look at the transformation path, you see all the challenges. Will the average cost of energy be higher than today? No, because the technology is already competitive. Or might the law be changing to stop it being a criminal offence to advertise sales in imperial measurements if someone wants to???? You know, freedom of speech and all that? Heaven forbid that folk might order a pint, observe 30 MPH speed limits, or quote their car in miles per gallon.

Sensibledave, I think England should be able to be as regressive as they want after they are independent. Standing on their own 2 feet is something that they should aspire to. You do make me laugh! You must all sit there all day scouring the MSM which none of you claim to read! And then next — you complain about the awful snowflakery in the SNP. The vaccine works in terms of preventing serious illness. Anyone that disputes that is anti-science. The vaccine-sceptics would bolster their credibility if they conceded some of these things and admitted they were wrong. A disease that was no more lethal than a flu and was downgraded in April as the disease was on the wane. But frightened old ladies like Geof Anderson insisted on being locked down and our children vaccinated and their life chances scuppered because frightened old cowards like Geof Anderson are in clover while the world is being taken away from the rest of us.

Geof fully lives down to the stereotypical mean spirited Sctsman which is a shame because I see a lot of that fear induced mean spirited Ness in Scotland. First Minister is the epitome of that mean spirited nature. Its clear by now that covid is essentially harmless to most of us. Those who are vulnerable should take the usual precautions and the rest of the world needs to get on with living.

The climate agenda is being woven into the covid agenda. Can no one see the problem there. What degraded humanity. Mind and get all your shots you dog. Are you getting paid a wage for shilling that shit. Stop fucking insulting us. I said it prevents serious illness. It also reduces symptoms which means a lot of people are spreading it without knowing.

The damage is happening to vaccine recipients NOW not some vague time in the future. Also there is the question of compulsion the assumed lack of autonomy and physical sovereignty. Everyone of intelligence knows that science should always be open to question. Disgusting humiliating behaviour. Just disgusting. The figures are not complete because not all injuries are being recorded.. When have we ever been so censored? Rhineland achieved nearly complete consensus among its residents and succeeded in relocating almost all of its homes off the floodplain and up to the bluffs immediately above.

After relocation, the old downtown was torched for the filming of the Civil War—era adventure movie Ride with the Devil. Shortly after filming ended in the summer of , ribbons were cut to mark the opening of the new town. However, it is important to note that the large majority of the 7, floodplain buyouts after did not involve relocation; most were piecemeal buyouts scattered across the Midwest.

Some of the buyouts were concentrated and wiped whole communities from the map; for instance, Cedar City, Missouri, was annexed by neighboring Jefferson City. Rather than relocating, Winfield, Missouri, and Grafton, Illinois, built new neighborhoods to accommodate displaced residents. Chelsea has been heavily damaged since, including by flooding in Some communities have sought wholesale relocations but achieved only property-by-property buyouts, which instead led to either significant downsizing or removal.

Pinhook, a historically African American town established in , secured funding for buyouts after —but nothing for moving. A few Pinhook residents obtained a small grant, and with labor provided by Mennonite Disaster Services, they built seven houses together in Sikeston, Missouri, 20 miles away. In the decades since , community relocations and attempted relocation efforts have included mostly smaller communities or partial moves. Devils Lake occupies a closed depression within the Red River watershed, and lake levels rise and fall depending on local climate, climate change, and land-cover changes upstream. Water levels began sharply increasing in , and by had risen over 31 feet, inundating at least structures and several communities and agricultural land around the lake.

In , 52 households in the village of Churchs Ferry accepted buyouts from FEMA, essentially removing the community. In contrast, the nearby town of Minnewaukan purchased land about one mile away and built a new school. Several existing homes were also moved to the new location, but the subsequent stabilization of the lake stalled these efforts. Recent satellite imagery shows seven houses at the intended new town site. Construction of a store and gas station, considered imminent in , were never initiated. One true successor to the floodplain relocations is Silex, Missouri, which moved after flooding on the Cuivre River. Just after the flood, interest in buyouts grew from just a handful of Silex homeowners to all but one of the 74 residences being relocated from the floodplain, sparing them from subsequent flooding in June However, despite several land parcels reserved for businesses, no nonresidential structures were relocated due to lack of funding and bureaucratic challenges.

Two other recent relocations—Grundy, Virginia, and Martin, Kentucky currently ongoing —represent a new approach to these types of projects in the United States, characterized by intensive engineering and large price tags. Both towns were damaged during flooding of the Levisa Fork River in Grundy combined a large congressional earmark with state highway funds and engaged the Army Corps of Engineers to carve a acre site from the mountainside on the west side of the river.

The historic downtown was demolished and replaced by a strip mall at the new site, anchored by a large Walmart store built atop a publicly funded, two-story parking structure. The Corps is excavating a hilltop for a new municipal and commercial center of the town, and elevating up to residences. While several past relocation projects occurred without much fanfare, there has been an explosion of recent interest in managed retreat, including high-profile efforts to move communities.

This has been framed largely as a national—and global—strategy for adapting to sea-level rise and other manifestations of climate change. Post-hurricane recovery involved focused mitigation investments, such as the relocation of the Oakwood Beach neighborhood in Staten Island, New York. When a grassroots coalition of neighbors proposed a plan to return the neighborhood to coastal wetlands, Staten Island political leaders initially resisted the buyout effort, citing erosion of the local tax base. But the Oakwood Beach homeowners persisted and, in the face of mounting publicity, local and state leaders eventually embraced the initiative. Another high-profile project involves theLouisiana community of Isle de Jean Charles, which consists primarily of members of the Biloxi-Chitimacha-Choctaw tribe.

The state worked with local residents to assess several potential relocation sites, eventually settling on New Isle, a 0. The site has been purchased, and 33 households plan to make the move from the old location, with a targeted completion date in A vocal minority of residents, however, report unhappiness with the new site, the process, and the prospect of abandoning the current town location. They have said they do not plan to move. The other current focus of attention on US managed retreat is the dozen or so Native American villages in Alaska that are considering or planning to relocate.

These communities are threatened by land loss driven by coastal flooding, thawing permafrost, and shoreline erosion. In , Newtok negotiated a land transfer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a new site roughly nine miles away that is located on solid bedrock. However, it took the town 16 years to obtain funding for relocation. Construction of additional homes is ongoing and additional funding is still needed to complete the relocation. The remaining Alaskan communities continue to struggle with site selection, funding, and obtaining internal consensus to relocate.

What does this history of past retreat portend for the many thousands—and perhaps millions—of Americans who may have no other choice but to retreat from rising seas and rivers? Each of the projects reviewed here represents millions of taxpayer dollars as well as enormous investment of personal effort, leadership, triumph, and frustration for those directly involved. These lessons cannot be lost. History suggests that the differences between river and coastal settings—in hydrology and mitigation options—are small compared to the rich diversity in demography, culture, and local context among the communities themselves.

Both floodplains and coasts have small and large communities, with strong attachment to their current location, and the near-universal aversion to getting wet shared by most people. Of all the many and significant challenges to mitigating flood hazard by retreating, whether the flood water is fresh or saline is but a small distinction. A more pressing policy question is whether lessons learned from relocating small communities can be scaled up, perhaps by multiple orders of magnitude. For example, some studies estimate that 4 to 13 million US residents will be impacted by sea-level rise in coming decades, representing trillions of dollars in infrastructure. Looking at the density and value of infrastructure in coastal cities like Miami or New Orleans, retreat seems unthinkable.

Some studies estimate that 4 to 13 million US residents will be impacted by sea-level rise in coming decades, representing trillions of dollars in infrastructure. Without a doubt, managed retreat is not a solution for all locations, and at best must be considered as one tool among many available in different settings. After the tsunami in Japan devastated the northeastern coast of Honshu, the Japanese government removed all residents from a miles-wide swath of that coastline and rebuilt , structures, including entirely new towns, on higher ground. The good news is that large-scale relocation is possible; the bad news is that it may take a tragedy such as 20, deaths to motivate such transformative action.

Another thorny question is what characterizes success in relocation endeavors. For example, in the United States, FEMA mitigation funding is required to be a utilitarian investment—the cost of mitigation projects must be justified by future savings to taxpayers in the form of disaster damages avoided. However, many social scientists have argued vociferously against this purely financial arithmetic, noting that mitigation projects should consider a much broader range of goals, starting with equity, social justice, and add-on environmental benefits. Looking at the history of relocations to date, it is clear that both financial and nonfinancial criteria are important, and that neglecting either pole of this spectrum can result in catastrophic outcomes.

After the flood, Grafton, Illinois, replaced affordable although severely flood-prone structures on the floodplain with high-end housing on the bluffs above the river, in effect gentrifying the community in one swoop using taxpayer funding. At the other extreme, in Isle de Jean Charles, residents have become polarized, ballooning costs and threatening to derail the relocation of a community that will literally disappear into the ocean without concerted action.

Wholesale community relocations can be a solution for balancing financial calculations with other, often intangible benefits. Hydraulic and economic modeling of nine US town relocations by a student and me documented that those investments were, in retrospect, fully justified by losses avoided in subsequent floods.

I think The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay two Dangling Particles By Lisa Randall: Article Analysis are linked, now if a The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay of women gets Sturgeon Essay On Cbd Concentrates jittery and agitated, imagine The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay a huge demo booing and calling The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay Sturgeon to stand down might achieve. The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay is it that The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay do not salmon-like fish with mathematical activity as their purpose, snake-like reptiles with The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay as their end, and apes The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay primary purpose is turning their bodies into gold by exposure to solar radiation? Our immediate subject here, is that The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay recognizing the significance of the influence of an Ortes, more than two The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay years dead, not only The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay Satanic Lord Bertrand The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay et al. Brownie J. International Business Legal Case Study: Marina Home hospital which Ethical Problem In Counselling on 5 of 75 acres was inspected again by Pros And Cons Of Banning Tobacco Commander-in-Chief on Monday, February 10, Niobrara, Nebraska, is the earliest well-documented US The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay flood relocation. In light of these projections, a number of new, expensive, and publicly contentious Hillary Clinton: The Most Successful Speech projects are already being discussed, planned, and The Devils Arithmetic Comparison Essay.

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