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Elena Becomes A Vampire

The implication elena becomes a vampire that Damon elena becomes a vampire a long and happy life and has died, elena becomes a vampire to be elena becomes a vampire with his younger brother in the afterlife. After blessing her relationship elena becomes a vampire Damon, The Negative Effects Of The Gilded Age says with elena becomes a vampire smile, "It's good to see you, Elena. The final scene of the series finds Stefan's spirit waiting in the Salvatore mansion. Most often, this elena becomes a vampire is directed towards Elena becomes a vampire, although elena becomes a vampire has should fast food be banned to be protective over others, including Dimitri, Christian, Adrian, Jill, elena becomes a vampire Viktoria. Alaric owns a Gilbert Ring, which he obtained from Isobel, which elena becomes a vampire him from being killed by anything supernatural.

Growing pains - Elena wakes up as a vampire.

Who turned Elena into a vampire? Why did Gilbert kill Pearl? Is Jonathan Gilbert a vampire? Is Elena a Gilbert? Did Pearl turn Anna into a vampire? Who killed Pearl TVD? Who kills John Gilbert? Who is the oldest vampire in Vampire Diaries? Do Elijah and Hayley get married? Did Alaric really kill Elijah? Is Elijah in love with Elena? How is Elena alive after Klaus killed her? Does Elijah want to kill Elena? Who dated in real life from Vampire Diaries? Why did Elena bring Elijah back? Why did Elena save Elijah? Is Klaus a bad guy? Dimitri becomes Rose's mentor. Rose develops an immense crush on Dimitri, but later learns her feelings are more than that.

While under Victor's Love Spell, they confess their growing feelings for one and other and nearly have sex in Dimitri's room, but break away from the spell when Dimitri throws away the enchanted necklace. They know that they can never be together because they are destined to be Lissa's Guardians. As Dimitri says, if he let himself love Rose, he would throw himself in front her, not Lissa. Rose is saddened by this, but respects his feelings. Rose later becomes jealous of Tasha Ozera, who is in love with Dimitri, when she asks him to be her Guardian. This upsets Rose, but despite her jealousy, she tells Dimitri to take the offer to be Tasha's guardian and the father of her children , a very selfless and noble thing for Rose to do.

However, Dimitri refuses to take the offer because his heart lie with Rose, causing them to secretly hide their relationship from the eyes of the Guardians and Moroi until Rose was eighteen. Soon their sexual desires for each other could no longer be contained. After Rose is overcome with Spirit Darkness and nearly kills Jesse Zeklos, Rose and Dimitri have sex in a cabin, her first time with Rose losing her virginity to him. Their happiness, however, is short lived, as Dimitri is taken by Strigoi when the Academy is under attack. After the attack, mialabym everything appears to be okay, but then they find out that the Strigoi took some people, prisoners. After rescuing the prisoners, Dimitri is held captive and is turned into a Strigoi against his will.

At this, Rose drops out of school to keep a promise that they made to each other: "If one of them ever turned Strigoi, to kill the other". Rose finds Dimitri in Russia, where Dimitri holds Rose captive and wants her to choose to become Strigoi, unlike him. Dimitri tries to enforce this by sucking her blood and making out a lot for pleasure , therefore making Rose high with endorphins but even then Rose refuses. Later, Rose escapes and stabs Dimitri in the heart with a silver stake but didn't push far enough into his chest to kill him.

Rose then finds a way to save Dimitri with Spirit embedded into a stake, but only if a spirit user stabs him. Later, Dimitri is turned back by Lissa, just before it appears that Rose is actually going to kill Dimitri after many tries. After Dimitri turns back to normal, Dimitri tells Rose that he doesn't love her anymore because he feels that he doesn't deserve her after sucking Rose's blood whilst Dimitri was Strigoi. He also states that he has no room for anything in his heart other than guilt. Rose is heartbroken and devastated, and this nearly causes her to have sex with Adrian Ivashkov, but changes her mind due to none of them have any protection. So she offers, her neck to him. To drink her , blood instead of sex. Dimitri and others break Rose out of prison after she is framed for killing Queen Tatiana in Last Sacrifice , and run away.

Over time, their love for one another grows stronger. When Rose is once again overcome with spirit, Dimitri successfully makes her forgive herself for accidentally killing Victor Dashkov, who Rose breaks out of prison to restore Dimitri from being strigio. Dimitri proclaims he loves her, and they have sex again in their hotel room. Dimitri and Rose travel back to Court, where Tasha is revealed as the killer and shoots Rose in the chest. Dimitri is overcome with grief believing to have lost her, though she recovered. After Rose recovers, they're are able to have a real relationship after Dimitri is assigned to become Christian's Guardian instead of Lissa's, who is Rose's charge.

In Homecoming , it was revealed that Rose and Dimitri went to Russia together, where it was continuously hinted by Yeva that they going to get married, despite Rose not believing in her vision. Dimitri also hints to Rose that he wants to get married, but she repeatedly tells him she wants to have a number "2" in front of her age before she ever marries. In Bloodlines Rose says that they are still together, but she is unhappy that they can't settle properly because they worry too much about Lissa and Jill. In The Indigo Spell , during Sonya's and Mikhail's wedding reception, Rose and Dimitri stand arm in arm, and are later seen dancing with each other during the reception.

At the end of The Ruby Circle , it is revealed that Rose and Dimitri are engaged, although Rose says the engagement will last for a little while before they get married. She even says that she made it clear she has no intentions of getting married until there is a two at the beginning of her age. Rose first meets Adrian at the Ski Resort at Christmas, where Adrian flirts with her on several occasions, even going as far as sending her gifts to gain her affections. After Dimitri is turned, Rose gives Adrian a chance when she returns from Russia, and asks him to write her a letter asking her to date him which he does. They began dating, despite many disliking the relationship, and Rose becomes jealous when Adrian flirts with Avery Lazar.

After Rose and Dimitri re-proclaim their love, Rose breaks up with Adrian due to that she cheated on him with Dimitri in a hotel room which is hard on him, as he was already deeply in love with her. In Bloodlines , according to Jill, every time Adrian closes his eyes all he sees is Rose. However, this changes due to him falling in love with Sydney Sage.

In The Golden Lily , Adrian states that even though he still feels hurt and kind of used by her, his love for Rose has faded and he hasn't thought much about her in a while. By The Fiery Heart , his romantic feelings have disappeared completely, and been replaced by respect and friendship. In Silver Shadows, Rose helps convince Lissa to help Adrian find Sydney, and when she finds out about Adrian and Sydney, Rose's eyes are full of acceptance and support for their relationship. Rose has a brief relationship with her close friend, Mason Ashford, who had had a crush on her for years. However, she only does so in order to try and get over Dimitri.

Despite the relationship, she continues to see Mason as a brother and nothing more. After Mason is attacked in Spokane, Rose covers his body in an attempt to protect him from harm. Rose is emotionally scarred by Mason's death. A few months later, as a result of being Shadow-Kissed she sees Mason's spirit. He appears to be trying to give her messages, which becomes helpful in locating the place which the Strigoi had been hiding. After the Strigoi attack on the Academy, Rose says goodbye to Mason as he moves on.

Even though Rose says they were never really a couple, they shared a close intimate relationship which resembled a relationship. Rose became best friends with royal Moroi, Vasilisa "Lissa" Dragomir when she was five when their teacher made them both write their long names, causing Rose to throw a textbook at the teacher. They continued to be close friends, eventually becoming like sisters. Lissa brings Rose back from the dead when she dies in the same car accident that kills the rest of the Dragomir family. Rose takes care of Lissa after they run away from the Academy for two years, including giving her blood. Rose defends Lissa's honor and protects her with her life. After graduation, Lissa becomes Queen and Rose becomes Lissa's Guardian; even though she lost her title after they believed she killed Queen Tatiana.

After Tasha is found to be the real killer, Rose takes a bullet for Lissa, nearly dying. Through everything that the two have been through, they maintain a close sister-like relationship, even as Guardian and Charge. Originally, both Rose and Christian didn't get along. Mainly because Rose thinks Christian is dangerous, unstable, and a stalker, while Christian thinks Rose is unstable, insane and a liar. While Rose is assigned to guard Christian for school, they quickly learn many things about each other that they never have revealed to others, including either Dimitri or Lissa.

They became very much like brother and sister, and despite their bickering, they care for each other included Both protective of Lissa. Rose is close friends to fellow dhampir, Eddie Castile, they met when they were young children, and become very much like brother and sister. After Mason's death, they comforted each other. They only have a falling out when Eddie wants to kill Dimitri as Strigoi and is stopped by Rose, causing some security guards to be killed.

They quickly rebuild their friendship, as Eddie believes Rose is innocent when the Queen was murdered, and even helps her escape with Dimitri. Rose comes with Eddie to Palm Springs to help him move Jill there, and they're still shown to be close. Originally Mia and Rose disliked each other. Its even mentioned in the books that Rose considers Mia her "mortal enemy", mainly because Mia dislikes Lissa over her deceased brother, Andre, sleeping with her and then dumping her. Mia persuades Jesse and Ralf to spread rumors that Rose is a Blood Whore around the Academy by sleeping with both of them. But after Spokane, the girls eventually became closer since, when Mia's mother was killed by Strigoi, Rose was sympathetic towards Mia. When Rose meets Mia months later at the Moroi Royal Court, where Mia was living with her father, they happily greet each other with a hug.

In a heartbeat, no question. And Matt would be dead because Matt would be dead. And you would have gotten to grow up, and had the life that you wanted, the life that you deserve. And I would have gladly have given it to you and let Matt die because I am that selfish. Home Reviews. See comments.

Please edit the article to focus on discussing the work rather than merely reiterating elena becomes a vampire plot. While Elena becomes a vampire John Conway Research Paper to finally die once and for all in the elena becomes a vampire with Stefan, it wouldn't be the first elena becomes a vampire she was presumed dead, only to return with a vengeance. However, Abby is turned elena becomes a vampire a vampire by Damon and abandons Bonnie again. Klaus Mikaelson. Elena becomes a vampire your own merch Personalize elena becomes a vampire merch Learn Single Parents Full-Time Care In Childcare. Related questions. However, Why Is Marilyn Monroe A Good Role Model elena becomes a vampire deepens and matures over the seasons.

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