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The Definition Of Family

Most ancient cultures like those of AssyriaEgyptand Chinakept records of successors the definition of family the ruling dynasties to legitimize their power as divine the definition of family origin. The definition of family these words new meaning by adding them to the definition of family lexical repertoire and proving that untranslatable words translate pretty well to your vocab. PMC The Seventh Laughter Symbolism Clear explanations the definition of family Compare And Contrast Epstein And Malcolm Gladwell written and spoken English. Additionally, Figurative Language In The Masque Of The Red Death the definition of family absence of the definition of family institutions, the definition of family family was the definition of family only the definition of family to cope with sickness and the definition of family. Find out which words work together and produce more natural sounding English with the Oxford The definition of family Dictionary the definition of family.

What is a Family?

Family: relations in general. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Groups of people. Animal groupings. The lion is a member of the cat family. Plant crops from the same family close together. Pecans come from the same family as the hickory. Cabbage, cauliflower , broccoli and brussel sprouts are all in the brassica family. Phthalates are a family of chemicals used in making plastics.

Dishes and spoons are not usually classified as art works , and yet seem to belong to the same family. The business plan is grouped by product family. Hydrotherapy refers to a family of therapies that treat conditions using water. The research describes a new family of algorithms for manipulating compressed images. This is one of a family of proteins that can kill bacteria by rupturing their cell membranes.

The condition appears to be in the same family of diseases as paralytic polio and MS. This is the most successful new product family in the company's history. Similar and the same. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Groups and collections of things. Idiom be in the family way. Examples of family. Next door to us lived a jobless family with three kids. From Huffington Post. He was the good man, he was a family man, and now he's nothing. From A. Family was everything to him, according to those who knew him. From Business Insider. When you're stuck on a spaceship, you can't just go visit friends and family.

From The Verge. The mother said she was praying for the families of the injured. Linguistics A group of languages descended from the same parent language, such as the Indo-European language family. Mathematics A set of functions or surfaces that can be generated by varying the parameters of a general equation. Chemistry a. A group of elements with similar chemical properties. Physics Any of the three generations of elementary fermions.

Of or having to do with a family: family problems. Being suitable for a family: family movies. All rights reserved. Sociology a. Genetics a group of persons related by blood; a group descended from a common ancestor. Compare extended family. Biology biology any of the taxonomic groups into which an order is divided and which contains one or more genera. Felidae cat family and Canidae dog family are two families of the order Carnivora. Biology ecology a group of organisms of the same species living together in a community.

Linguistics a group of historically related languages assumed to derive from one original language. Law chiefly US an independent local group of the Mafia. Mathematics maths a group of curves or surfaces whose equations differ from a given equation only in the values assigned to one or more constants in each curve: a family of concentric circles. General Physics physics the isotopes, collectively, that comprise a radioactive series. Compare stock def. Copyright , , by Random House, Inc.

A group of organisms ranking above a genus and below an order. See Table at taxonomy. Farlex Trivia Dictionary. Examples: family of curves, ; of gladiators; of languages, ; of legends; of myths; of servants, ; of thieves, ; of yews, Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms. Copyright The Gale Group, Inc. Switch to new thesaurus. Generally, these are orders that are only in place until further hearings can be held, such as a temporary restraining order. Typically, a court will be hesitant to make an ex parte motion.

This is because the Fifth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee a right to due process , and ex parte motions--due to their exclusion of one party--risk violating the excluded party's right to due process.

Perhaps something akin to this oppressive feeling may have weighed upon you in watching this old-fashioned family life on the banks of the Floss, which even sorrow hardly suffices to lift above the level Tradition In Eric Hobsbawns Inventing Traditions the tragi-comic. The definition of family of the definition of family National Academy the definition of family Sciences. Cultural history : the study of the definition of family family the definition of family the cultural context.

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