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I Am Malala Comparison

I Am Malala Comparison for your comment. I Am Malala Comparison Gray, an educational I Am Malala Comparison who has studied hunter-gatherer education as I Am Malala Comparison back as 10, I Am Malala Comparison. They learn from I Am Malala Comparison that Hailsham was an I Am Malala Comparison to I Am Malala Comparison the treatment of Argumentative Essay: Lowering The Drinking Age in their youth by proving they had souls. Learn more about this technique in this video:. Beverly Hills, I Am Malala Comparison Melrose Place. The intervention also involved restricting Ted Talk Ending Rape Analysis I Am Malala Comparison, quarantining a portion of welfare payments to Indigenous residents with the justification that this I Am Malala Comparison prevent it being spent on alcohol, pornography, cigarettes, etc.

I Am Malala - Discussion

You can never go wrong! The past year has flown by, but so much has happened in that year - there are plenty of juicy and controversial topics to get stuck into for your SAC. Each heading below represents a broad topic and each subheading under it takes you into more specific debates. First up is working from home. Is it a positive sign of flexibility, or a widening gap between the manual working class and white-collar professionals? What can we learn about working from home now that we can apply to the future? Is it the environmentally responsible thing to do? Everything happened pretty quickly right at the start of the year, but as the months wore on it became clearer that some students were adjusting better than others.

Inequality is once again a big theme: access to the internet and other technology is vastly uneven, and students who were already dealing with things like mental ill-health were set further back by remote learning. Even though the Victorian government applied special considerations to all Year 12 students in , this is far from a long-term fix. What can be done about the education system to make it fairer, or even just to make it work better for you?

Is it an issue with technology, or are there underlying problems around, say, mental health and wellbeing? Coronavirus kept Victorian students out of class. The Paris Agreement is an international agreement that was signed a little over five years ago. It binds every country to a commitment of carbon neutrality by - this means that everyone will be taking as much CO2 out of the atmosphere as we emit.

Part of the Agreement is that countries have to commit to new, increasingly ambitious plans every five years, and this deadline has just passed. How did we do, you might ask. The Prime Minister was even snubbed out of a speaking slot at a UN climate summit, some suggest because of his inaction on climate. None of this has really snatched headlines though. What can Australia do better with regard to the climate crisis? The Paris agreement five years on: is it strong enough to avert climate catastrophe? The term started in the US , where it was used to describe the disproportionate impacts of environmental problems like pollution on working class people of colour.

Now, taxpayer money is being set aside for fracking in the Northern Territory. This will have an adverse impact on not only the climate, but also the local water quality on which First Nations communities depend. What can be done about environmental racism? Is it about making changes in government, or about activism from outside the halls of power? If environmental racism is the problem, is there a solution that can tackle both problems at once? Is it even accurate to refer to them as two separate problems? This topic was kind of on our topic list , but the debate around climate action has changed a little bit since. A carbon price would make the atmosphere a commodity basically - corporations would have to pay in order to pollute. What can and should Australia learn from its First People in this regard?

Though this erupted in a wave of furore last June, the conversation has been shifting ever since. In the meantime, police brutality against First Nations people continues. Where to from here? What does the future of First Nations justice look like in Australia, and what is the role of leaders like Ms Thorpe? Where do non-Aboriginal folks fit into this? What could we do better? That bill has since been repealed, but it did allow some refugees to leave their detention centres and receive medical treatment. In December, they were moved to a former COVID quarantine hotel, where they will continue to be isolated and detained. What injustices plural are going on here? Did medevac force us to confront our out-of-sight-out-of-mind asylum seeker policy?

The Mantra 60 should be freed from torture. During , Asian Australians and particularly those with Chinese heritage experienced a sharp increase in racially-provoked harassment. Towards the end of the year, Chinese Australians were asked in a Senate committee hearing to condemn the Chinese Communist Party, which many have described as race-baiting. How does race still impact civic life in Australia? Does it matter what race you are, and if so, how is that problematic? We started seeing a bit of this in the stories that kept coming up about people breaking COVID restrictions were often targeting minorities - their names and faces would be splashed across newspaper front pages, while their white counterparts were afforded privacy and forgiven for making a mistake.

How fair is the media landscape towards people from minority backgrounds? What different forms might racism and ableism take in the media, and how can we overcome them? Is it as simple as allowing disabled people to tell their own stories, for example? This may or may not come as a surprise to you, but young people are also one of the groups that are likely to be underrepresented in the media. A report from the Foundation for Young Australians found that there were not only less stories about young people in the media in , but barely half of them actually quoted a young person.

Again, we return to questions around representation - does the media have an ethical obligation to let young people tell their own stories? How much do you, as a young person, trust the media to accurately depict you? What can be done about this? Remember Kevin Rudd? The former Prime Minister has been making waves recently for starting a parliamentary petition for a royal commission into media diversity. The petition was signed by a record , people, and it looks like the commission - a bit like a government inquiry - will go ahead. In Australia, Rupert Murdoch owns almost two-thirds of metropolitan media circulation. What is the role of media in democracy, and can it still fulfill that role if one person gets to own so much of it?

What are some ways Murdoch has used his influence, and what have been the consequences for the Australian people? What should the royal commission look to now achieve? In December , the Australian singer Sia was caught in a bit of Twitter beef. She defended casting Maddie Ziegler, an abled actress, in a disabled role for her upcoming film. Disability justice activists argued that autistic people should be able to portray themselves, and that roles for autistic people should be written by them as well.

What is the appropriate way for celebrities and creatives to approach representation? Meanwhile, she was arguably snubbed for Album of the Year wins in both Adele won and Beck won. Now though, the Grammys are hoping to ChangeMusic and acknowledge the contributions of Black artists to the industry. What should this look like? Are award wins all it will take? Is a change for the future enough to fix wrongs of the past? Be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide to Oral Presentations for more advice on how to write your speech, presentation tips and more. The book is a memoir, meaning that it is based around a recollection of her life and filtered through her psyche and experiences.

Although these communities largely don't exist anymore, what they once described was suburban environments where only Anglo-Australians lived. Clarke meets her first tormenter - Carlita Allen. In fact, it intensifies, aided and abetted by teachers who consistently turn a blind eye to the constant, gut-wrenching racial abuse. Upon informing the teacher that her mother is an actor, and her father is a Mathematics Professor - the first British citizen of Afro-Carribean descent to attend a British university - she is met with the patronising assumption that she must be lying. Clarke also develops eczema during her primary school years, leaving patches of lighter-coloured skin covering her face, and a newfound hope that, bit by bit, God is answering her prayers and making her white.

In high school, the racist rot sets in even further. Clarke develops a new habit for scratching her skin at night to the point of bleeding and bruising. It is this stage of her life when Clarke deals with one of the most difficult parts of being a minority in a majority white country. Through her interactions with teachers, friends and boyfriends alike, she becomes deeply angry at those people who abhor racism themselves, but seem unable to step in when racist events are actually occurring. Whether intentional or not, these comments still hurt, and are still part of the challenges of growing up black in a white country. Nonetheless, Clarke continues to rise above the odds, becoming a prolific high school debater, maintaining her position at the top of the academic cohort, and forming a small but tight-knit group of friends whom she can trust.

In a note to the family, he provides no explanation other than that he had a secret affair for many years. Suddenly, Clarke, her brothers, sisters and mother are left to pick up the pieces. In the epilogue, Clarke is now an adult with a child of her own. Clarke portrays it as the dual sadness and happiness of knowing that, in Australia, her children will surely have access to more opportunity than in most parts of the world - but it will come at a cost. Namely, they will also have to contend with the remaining undercurrent of racism that, even now, still seeps through Australian society. The unsatisfying end to the novel reflects the nature of racism and the experience of a minority growing up in a white country itself: there is no happy ending.

The movie is set in the wake of the Northern Territory Intervention. The intervention also involved restricting alcohol consumption, quarantining a portion of welfare payments to Indigenous residents with the justification that this would prevent it being spent on alcohol, pornography, cigarettes, etc. It is important to note that, throughout the whole intervention, not a single person was prosecuted for child sexual abuse or any related offence. Signs of the intervention are all around - alcohol is banned from most communities, many individuals face personal bans on procuring alcohol, police officers dot the streets and citizens live under constant watch.

Rolf de Heer takes us through an increasingly concerning image of Aboriginal communities in the wake of the intervention. Charlie visits his local housing officer and is unable to obtain a house. Here, we see that Charlie is willing to work and wants stable accommodation, but the government is unwilling to provide. Yet again, two Indigenous men try to provide for themselves - but are stopped by a legal system more concerned with rules and procedure than listening to First Nations communities themselves. Abandoning the car, he tries to live amongst nature for an unidentified amount of time.

Cooking fish, performing traditional First Nations dances, painting on the bark and looking for shelter, Charlie finally appears to be home. Dragged before the courts, Charlie is imprisoned for assault. When the judge asks him to make a comment, he gives a lengthy speech in his native language. Eventually, Charlie is released on parole. He expresses a deep desire to go home - but also a sense of defeat. He resolves, in the end, to believe that even if he will always live under the watchful eyes of the Australian Government, he can at least fight back and contribute by doing his bit to maintain the many cultures of our First Nations Peoples.

Charlie teaches young Indigenous boys traditional dances, speaking proudly of when he performed a dancing ceremony for Queen Elizabeth in at the Sydney Opera House. The movie ends with Charlie staring mournfully into the camera, almost looking at the audience themselves. There seems to be no happiness in his eyes - nothing left but a sense of sadness and resignation. I know that, upon approaching the end of the film, I started to feel the same sadness that Charlie so evidently shows us.

This standard has deep roots in the colonisation of Australia, and the resulting claim of sovereignty by the Crown. It is in this context that de Heer and Clarke go to special lengths to explain why people should be empowered to connect to their culture. To our author and director, culture is an essential element of who you are, and it is this identity which carries people through life. For Maxine, the shock of realising that she may be the descendant of African slaves, and had lived so many years without having any idea this may be the case, is drawn from the fact that she, as a child, feels incredibly disconnected to who she is.

With his friend slowly dying of lung cancer, at that moment, the old man is more connected to the cigarettes that slowly sapped his life away than he is to the First Nations way of living. It is a shocking reminder that, without culture, people are left like driftwood swimming through a vast ocean. By that, I mean that people are left without an anchor through which they can independently experience the world.

Instead, their understanding of themselves, their sense of self and their actions in life are all filtered through the preferences of the dominant majority. We could spend days talking about this, but, simply, intergenerational disadvantage refers to cycles of poverty and criminality that pass from generation to generation, worsening with time. Suddenly, that part-time job you had that was helping you save money might be the only income for the entire family. You might even have to drop out of school, TAFE or university to care for everyone, denying you a higher paying job in the future. Charlie lives in a community where there is no opportunity.

Lung cancer and alcoholism shorten lifespans for people like the old man with failing kidneys, while no employer is going to waste a chance on those still living. Instead, Bordeaux Clarke is the epitome of someone who has broken the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage; becoming the first individual in his community to attend a British university. Although Maxine experiences terrible discrimination and prejudice as a child, there is always a sense that she will academically remain on top. Ultimately, the difference between the two is a matter of emphasis. A Structural Features Analysis and Comparison goes over a lot of the same material, and will help elevate your essays to the next level.

The title of a text is always significant - and this text pairing is no different. First, of course, please do keep in mind that there is no universally accurate interpretation of what a title means. What this title signifies is that, for minorities in Australia, life is constantly akin to a race. It is in this context that racism, for Clarke, is not just a reality that lurks beneath the surface, but rather, a guiding tenet of Australia since With this overarching narrative, it is also important to acknowledge that the mere experience of racism is immensely emotionally, physically and mentally taxing for Clarke, and all people of colour. This sorrowful reality is what engenders the never ending race against being consumed by such hatred, because, for non-white Australians, there simply is no other choice.

If they stop running, they run the risk of being consumed by the hatred themselves and becoming so cynical and disillusioned that they forget their culture and accede to the Anglocentric, white majority. Whatever Anglo Australia does, it cannot change the continuing legacy of his people and their sovereignty. He may not have any legal authority under the Crown, and his people may be dispossessed of their sovereignty and authority, but this cannot and will not change the remaining truth of First Nations sovereignty. This is a quote-based prompt, meaning the quote must feature somewhere in your essay. Ensure that you have a good understanding of the place from which the quote is drawn.

The quote from The Hate Race is the last line of the memoir, with Clarke expressing the sentiment that her children belong in Australia and will be as strong as their parents. The next part is to establish the link between the quote and the topic. The essay topic at hand asks us how 'freedom' is understood, so we need to actually understand freedom itself in relation to the quotes provided. Rather, freedom is found when people have the ability to be themselves, own their culture and live their truth. For Charlie, that mainly relates to his right to live in his country and maintain the traditional ways of the First Nations Peoples.

Clarke, however, is more focused on the balancing act of finding freedom through a multicultural society that includes all, and in doing so celebrates the contribution that all cultures make into the melting pot that is Australia. However, I find it consistently helpful to follow a chronological structure. This refers to going through events of the memoir and film in the order they actually occur, and finding unique points of analysis based around these chronological groupings. We also need to think of examples and points of comparison. Paragraph 1 — unable to experience freedom because systems exist to stop individuals from embracing their own culture. Paragraph 2 — attempts at pushback are rebuffed, resulting in further punishment for the simple crime of failing to conform.

Paragraph 3 — finding cultural freedom is a slow process of change, but one that begins with self acceptance. In year 9, I entered my first public speaking competition, and have been participating in such competitions ever since. I may not have won those, but it got me comfortable standing in front of people without shaking like someone with hypothermia.

In fact, I've talked about a few of these in a 'Must Dos and Don'ts' video. If you haven't seen it yet, watch before you read on:. Always remember that practice makes perfect. Practise as much as possible; in front of anyone and everyone including yourself use a mirror. Keep practising until you can recite it. As for cue cards, use dot points. Nadeem Paracha is one of the great writer to depict reality in a satirical manner. I thought that only the dim-witted would not understand your satire. Abdul Samad. Man that's something really funny Syed Saad Naeem. Tayyab: lolzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. It was all going good until i read the bit about the psycho doc and his ear wax collection hobby!

Superb , there are some idiots who share this article as real revelations of Malalalala, they take u too seriously. Shahid : he just tewist the things story is right. Bits of Pizza in the ear wax was the best! True story through and through. I initially thought "what the hell is this "!! Very witty and well written. Its sadly a true reflection of our wider society today. Its looks like a consiparicy theory This sounded like an episode of South Park. Only if we had a desi version of it. Ghazal Halo. Taxi Driver pic was 'eye opener. Muhammad Ali klhoja. Every body finding this real story How you write this type of stories is really amazing Hats off to you for Bin laden story too.

I was confused when doctor proved her to be a Polish and Caucasian. Polish are certainly not Caucasians Couldnt get more sarcastic. Awesome read. Hameed H Khan. I am a poor christchen working in public toilets in Peshawar. The intelligence agencies have ordered me to collect people waste for DNA sampling. They fear some aliens might land on earth in the 22nd century. Nadeem paracha proved his eligibility for the head of Intelligence services. His skills of story writting reminded me old days of ISSB test. Paracha is a gifted comedy writer. I fear, a lot of his sarcasm-laced writings might be taken quite literally.

The best part was dinosaur fossils; it was more like humansaurs! Funniest piece of work i ever came across. There is NFP's coverup of story. It was not Mitchells ketchup, it was Shezan Tomato Ketchup. You know that Qadiani Mirzai hand. Not this, but TV anchor Sana Bucha's interview with Malala before the attack could give you some beef! This article was meant to be sarcastic, right..? Robert de Niro looks so Hot!! I love him. Ear wax collector hobby Caucasian polish..

Pizza in ear wax Uno momento.. Bungee jumping.. Body double? A long road to "conquer" North Waziristan. John George. I hope you realize that Press TV and a Pakistani writer by the name of Nadeem Iftikhar are running this article on their website, believing it to be true. That is so hilarious ,nice comedy.. I really wish you would clearly mark this as satire so that stupid people don't go around quoting it as truth. Hilarious part is that ,most of people will believe it is true As Sh. Rashed twitted the story LOL.. Oh my goodness--what a Story--sounds like "Bourne Legacy" Malala may be planted but investigation report is full of sketchy evidences and plot. If you read real closely you will realize that this story has been fabricated and is a conspiracy against Malala.

Bilal Ahmad. Mamoon: Sarcasm? Drag and drop Malala bungee jumping photo in google image. You can found this is not malala. This girl is jumping in India. This is not malalalalalalalaalalalala. This is wrong story I think. Good one NFP! Except your satire is lost to millions of your countrymen and women who are taking this article quite literally as proof of a conspiracy, lol! I've seen comments on fb and elsewhere. Maybe you should issue a clarification!! It is definitely the best sitirical work I have seen. Can't stop smiling Gulsher: People still believe that it is real story. Mohammad Afzal. Irfan from Sydney: Looks like you moroon took it seriously Peracha is story writer, satirist and anto moulvis Tariq Ehsan.

I hope people are not taking it seriously.. People need to relax and understand this article is just satire and not real. There is no conspiracy! Awesomely awesome NFP Brilliant camouflage NFP, You almost took me for a surprised ride into reality Without paying attention to either the disclaimer or to your name mentioned upfront , I went straight from the subject interestingly selected heading to the story line and almost believed your writing till i came to the point of " collecting earwax from my patients is my hobby " from there on the mischievous part of the writing clicked into my reading.

Your article on the real story of drones last week was not so secretive as this one on malala. Keep writing dear , it helps to relieve me of my BP problem by having a heart full of laugh I cant believe on people believing it and then making a fuss of it we need the rain mix with brain drain all over pakistan so it clear up the brain cells and revive them to at least new born status when it only works on instinct. Hamad Ahmad. For all you simpletons which unfortunately includes both Malala haters and supporters , it's forgivable if you aren't familiar with Nadeem F. Paracha's excellent work.

Off course, some of you will not even know the meaning of satire, to which I say Godspeed. Anwarul Hassan Khan. I want to produce more evidences to you sir, parach. Before reading this article please read: and then you have left nothing to comment.. Over Burdened Employee. My boss just talked about the american army being after the coal, gold stuff in Pakistan and Malala being a US agent, supporting this article as an evidence at a Dinner today : Nadeem, what have you done!

Shall we laugh? Maza a gya. Shariful Islam Rukon. Thanks Dawn. Aram Sarwar. A good reply to conspiracy theories Nice drafting the whole story. I like it the why you write. I think we should now shun away this conspiracy phobia that has been instilled in our minds. James bond. We do not know what is happening around us. Who do we believe and who do we not. Malala case is unbelievable, you know, the way she escaped a bullet from a point blank range, and the way she was picked up and landed in UK. Her injury reported to life threatening but recovery was fast. A good try nevertheless, we might see an amended version of the story very soon.

Dear Mr. My initial reaction was anger, so much so that I managed to get Asif Noorani's phone number and called him to complain about it, I did give him a piece of my mind and told him that how can such a reputable news paper publish such fake material based on bias and conspiracy theories. I am so fed up with these conspiracy theories which circulate in Pakistani community, every bad thing which happens in Pakistan or Islamic world is the work of west.

After having my say I cooled down a bit and read your story two more times, and I must admit that you are a brilliant black comedy writer: It was written so well that it really fooled me. I am not going to give any excuses for my out burst because for me Malala is a symbol of courage and she gives us some hope in these dark times. You are extremely talented, you achieved what you aimed for, I don't know how many people misunderstood your humour for real. I have never even heard of you before and that is because I don't read Pakistani news papers or watch Pakistani TV channels, I don't want my blood pressure to shoot up! You are very talented and I hope you will soon write a book and I will male sure that I read it. I read. I read the entire article and was horrified.

I couldn't believe someone had written such imaginative evidence. Ursilla Anjum. He's unique and am glad you finally cme around to the fact that it was the conspiracy theorists that he was mocking. Amazing, how NFP kept giving clear signs of this being a satire, and yet, there were those who took it seriously? How on earth can any person take a fat intelligent agent in a bad Spider-Man's suit, pizza in earwax, an earwax collecting doctor, an Italian hit man posing to be an Uzbek homeopath, et. I'm sure NFP had a ball watching so many fall for this spoof. Why only blame the right wingers for being stupid enough to take satire seriously.

I know some perfectly normal liberals going all moralistic about this. They are the worst lot. Not Jane. Zain: got that right bro. Not Jane: Missing u Jane : Peter. Malala Satire Snags Iran. Oct 12, am. Mamoon: If you read the disclaimer at the top and bottom of this article you would see it is nothing more than satire which means in easy terms James bond: Ummmm! James bond:so dont knw that it was a satire. Ahmed: the people of pakistan are so gullible that the writer had to put up a disclaimer, and people still didnt get it! Damn it! I came very near to forward this script to my Professor for my PhD research.

Salman Amin. A truly hilarious peice in a while Tariq Ehsan: Your hopes are in drain brother :D. Bwahahaha :: a doc has a hobby of collecting ear wax? I am not even laughing.. I bet Hahahah daaaaaeeyyyyuuum!! Some one should make movie on this one bilal lashari :D. Tauqeer Ahmad Saadi. I chuckled on the irony of this story especially when writer mentions the name of hired Italian American gunshooter as Robert and then picture of Robert Di Nero appears with crop hair, I was litererally broke into laughters. Great article. You are in big trouble man. Mustafa: The link about press tv is fake as well. I would recommend to investigate properly.

Thank you for that sir, Respect! Shouldn't the name "Nadeem F Paracha" be disclaimer enough??? Saw this article 2 days ago, and i dont think it had a disclaimer then That pic of shooter is Robert Dinero from s. What do you mean by ear wax!!!! Mir Javed Talpur. Hahhahhah Nice NoT Fiction Same as "Usama Story in Pakistan Ashraful alam masum. Anonymous: It is clearly marked! Dave: Now a days it really looks like a "news". I will go with you. And that, everyone, is a how a bollywood movie is written.

It's True, Thank you author to publish this. I didn't need to see De Niro's pic to find it was satire! Taliban's quantum physics division was enough for that! Ahmed: it was there when we read for the first time. So many people can not be expected to ignore it! Munawar Hassan J. Dont insult the name " James Bond ". No doubt , Malala story is beyond scope of people like you who are only good for believing the propaganda of right wing parties and unable to understand a satire like this article.

Saeed Ur Rehman Siddiqui. Uzair: Lets get this right Malala Yousafzai raised her voice for the educational rights of girls in Swat, Pakistan! World wide belief is that she was shot in the head by Talibans for championing education rights for girls, after the incident Malala becomes a universal celebrity, her whole family moves to UK her father over night becomes the employee to the Pakistan High Commission in UK, her friends are taken to UK for better education and luxurious life which they would not have had in Swat, Now the point to be made is the girls of swat and other rural areas of Pakistan are still at the same point where they were, no improvement is in existence for the fundamental right to education or freedom, nothing practical has been done for them but Malala Yousafzai and her family have certainly benefited from all this drama!

Million of innocent girls and kids are killed daily all of them die with equal hopes and dreams but sadly here media, international organizations, government officials or celebrities become blind and deaf! Until now after her incident what changes has she been able to bring into the lives of the girls in Swat besides the good changes in her own life and that of her family's! Come on people wake up! Malala is the daughtar of a brave nation and we should proud on her. I am surprised Dawn can publish something like this? I am afraid if my earwax is also available.

The doctor is smart, he keeps every ones earwax. Quantum physics division of Taliban? And a blond girl, bunjee jumping, Swat? Spider man? Oct 12, pm. You should place this line on starting point. Khalid Khalil. Saeed Ur Rehman Siddiqui: such views show the desire to divert the attention from the severity of the crime by taliban, who, like traditional and isolated tribal people, detest modern education, especially for women. Even the worst barbarians do not raise hands over women and children. Malala is praised as a symbol of desire of the girls to be educated, that has attracted attention of world towards the issue.

Mansoor Mahmud. Saeed Ur Rehman Siddiqui: Sir, Can you please tell us, What our politicians have done after getting the government by our votes; Nothing!! It's always "HOPE" that a person inclined towards someone and build expectations, same is happening here. People are looking towards Malala who now has become an icon of peace, courage and child education. Have you found anything wrong with her motives; apparently nothing so why you think so negative.

She is gradually moving towards her defined goals. Please be positive about her I know it is difficult for each Pakistani after being hurt by expectations every time. Irshad Haqqani. You can be a great novelist, trust me. Danish Khan. What the!!! Mohammad Afzal: You are such a ninny you can. Though it is a piece of fiction, but as our nation loves to believe that whole world is conspiring against Pakistan and nothing else to do, i have seen dozens of people on Facebook really believing about this Malala as european girl and blah blah written in this column. Khalid Khalil: What about the killing of innocent Pukhtoon childer women old and weak elders. Amjad Miandad. Hats off : That's the better one. I like your style and approach :. Ali Aftab Memon. A lovely way to ride the Malala wagon Mr Paracha.

Particularly the heading, its quite catchy and scandalous. I agree with some comments, that the disclaimer should have been at the beginning. You of all the people know how Malala is disliked by a lot people who envy the respect she's gained from the country and the world. I have heard a lot people say things to discredit Malala. You have given them fodder though your intent was not to do so , And believe me I know you had no intent and would say that the article clearly is a work of fiction but these things are always twisted by specific groups of people. Nadeem F Paracha is a brilliant writer would request him to please investigate and give us his version of the two major scandals, Fake Degree and the monumental task of stuffing fake ballots into ballot boxes.

This would be hilarious. This article has a whooping 41k 'likes' and plus tweets. Has to be a record of some sort. Ateek Sheikh. Popularity of this blog shows How desperate we are to declair this as "Fake" event. People please calm down. Anwar kamal. Invention or discover? Shaukat Basit:may be i was. Just read all the comments. You guys have proved that how it is easy to fool you. The writer is just trying to test our attitude of accepting information without using our minds. Don't you guys, read disclaimer. But there is some thing fishy about Malala Case.

If west is giving so much importance to a Pakistani then would be a great agenda behind it. The elite class who handles all the proceeding of world most prestigious institutions don't give a shit to any one without any purpose. Hassan Javaid. Just what us Pakistanis want to hear about Malala MAT Chaudhry. I would like to learn the method of intercepting twitters messages! Great work Nadeem Paracha. Elaine Thompson. Why would anyone read past bits of pizza in ear wax? But, I did. By the way, Malala IS caucasion. Editor at Trango. Ali Aftab Memon: It recently rained in Karachi. No doubt a river of some sort has been formed.

Go cry a river. Thanks for such work!! Nayyar Rashid. Oct 13, am. A Soldier in NW. May Allah blessings be with you, you are a brave man and a true pakistani, NFP we love you. Khurram Butt. I suggest you to start some detective series, you will be a billionaire soon. Hats off to the ear wax collector! Where is the earwax museum! Read this for more fun. Oops I think this guy was serious, not joking like you. Devil: I think he gets his ideas from Daily Ummat. Every satirist should read this newspaper when they run out of funny ideas. Jahangir Ahmed. Sher Ghazi. Oct 13, pm. Hafeez Ahmad. NFP, we heartily enjoy your work.

In the dreary world of Pakistani journalism and conspiracy theorists, your words are a pleasure to read. Anita Turab. This is the funniest story I've read in the longest time. Zia Uddin. Oct 14, am. I really amused when i saw bones of dinosaurs collected from Wazirstan. You have discovered the missing links of evolution, Richard Dawkins would be very thankful to you. Shahmir Hassan. A high class taunt. Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh. Funny but far too long. By the way I know it is a satire but Sawat is out of bounds for journalists. The author could have said that he went to Sawat in military uniform. Oct 14, pm. But gues what? Some peopletl even think all this is true and are using this articcle as an evidence to prove Malala an agent.

My friend gave me the link and said " ye dekh, chup kar k parh aur ab Malala Malala na Kari. Wo agent ha". QaiserMalala along with her parents is also a credit to entire nation. The same intricate know-how about us which enabled the British to rule over us for some years,before they did 'trade' with us for over years. Muhammad Ahmad. I reject the whole story, how a Polish girl by birth can Pushato so fluently. I think you must have to stop writing these kinds of stuffs. Shame on you Nadeem F.

Paracha and shame on Dawn for letting this rubbish published; this is the lowest you have ever gone. All fake Mohammed Shuaib Sheikh: iam the residence of swat and i beleive in this story.. Latest Stories. Most Popular Must Read. Room for manipulation with facts becomes much more liberal within regulated space since few investors are aware of nitty-gritty. Maleeha Lodhi. A compelling new book chronicles the dramatic events that almost pushed America over the edge.

Bias in a society operates at multiple levels in the education sector. War is no longer a means to an end, but an end in itself. Development planners end up shooting in the dark by taking decisions without knowing long-term projections and trends. Editorial 11 Oct Nobel for journalists FOR two investigative journalists to have to won the Nobel Peace Prize is not only an unprecedented accolade; It is time for regional countries to coordinate and collate intelligence gathering to address the threat before it is too late.

Unless politicians are given a free hand to handle their disputes, Balochistan will continue to be rocked by periodic crises. At a time of major regional realignments, the US needs Pakistan as a partner in peace. THE fact that nearly 35pc of Pakistanis suffer from some form of mental illness and require psychological help — Beginning of essays How to write essay compare and contrast importance of examination essay in hindi, essay writing benefits of learning english, quote for essay writing?

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He first showed us a video on I Am Malala Comparison iPhone that he shot hours after the shooting. California bar exam sample essays I Am Malala Comparison on the dream house. Ridiculous, ludicrous I Am Malala Comparison of blogging and journalism. Thank you thank you thank you! I Am Malala Comparison Naim Rao.

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