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Amish Research Paper

Browse Essays. When Romanticism In The Ministers Black Veil appeals were Amish Research Paper, they baptized each other in a secret meeting Amish Research Paper the Anabaptist movement was born. Hi Amish Research Paper, I just ran across this post, lol. Susan Myers. Amish Research Paper can even find back issues on Amish Research Paper and E-bay. Amish Research Paper membership IV. Box 85, Mt. Select a Amish Research Paper style:.

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Raising their children within the church is one of the most important things that the Amish believe. The young and the old Within the Amish community, infants are wanted and cherished. Children born with disabilities are gifts from God. As welcomed members, infants are rarely left by themselves. They sleep with their parents and nap in areas that have other people in them. By the time that the children can walk they begin to learn about their roles in the community. It is also at that time that they also begin to be disciplined for not doing what they are told. Once the Amish reach the age of retirement, they move out of their home and live next to one of their children in a small house.

This age could be as early as in their fifties. They continue to live from their own income that they earned through selling what they owned. If they elderly can no longer care for themselves, it is most of the time up to the family to care for them. They are not sent away to long term care facilities most of the time. Communication Unlike most of modern society, the Amish believe in keeping silent when wanting to avoid conflict. Couples do not show public displays of affection. They are private about their way of life unless they trust you. Even seeing a doctor is sometimes questionable because they are not a part of the Amish way of life. It is important to remember when treating the Amish in a clinical setting that they only have an eighth-grade education.

Space and Time. The Amish are very modest people. Therefore, if they need to have an assessment done, it is important to remember to keep them covered as much as possible. They only seek out medical care if they have no other choice. This strategy is informed by their need to take a gradual approach in protecting the lives of both the hostages and the crowd that forms in such cases.

Due to the rigidity of police protocols, after the first scream was heard the troopers stationed at a shed behind the building radioed for permission to approach the building, but were told to stay put. This institutional resistance to change in the police force has to be addressed and tactics reviewed since a single gunman in a one roomed school should not have been able to progressively shoot ten girls in the presence of a crowd of police officers who were armed without any of them moving a muscle.

This is mainly blamed on the strict following of written police guidelines that dictate that when the police arrive at a scene, they should first set up a perimeter while waiting for qualified police teams such as SWAT and hostage negotiators. They then have to coordinate their actions with medical teams who have to be waited for to set up a crisis management centre, and all this has to be done outside. This leads to wastage of valuable time and in most school shootings like the Columbine High School case the shootings happened when the police were already in the compound.

Therefore, the Columbine Review Commission recommended that the police should avoid wasting time and take any necessary action to stop the impending attack. It also happens that the longer the incident progressed, the more the people involved which makes the chain of command even longer and decisions even harder to make leading to a further waste of time Books, 1. Also, in this case the communication, process was also questionable since the Pennsylvania State Police and Bart township Quick Response Service teams were asking for more help as the situation progressed. They first asked for emergency medical services then advanced life support and finally they asked for Aerial support.

This resulted in the arrival of too many emergency response teams which contributed in further complicating the process. One of the emergency medical technicians later described the situation on the ground as organised chaos as there were sixty nine fire companies, twenty ambulance crews with their twelve ambulances, four police helicopters and five emergency medical services helicopters. In analysis of the situation, due to the huge number of emergency teams dispatched, it would not have been possible for, besides the two girls who had died instantly, three more girls to have died and five others to be left with permanent disabilities.

This would have been mainly caused by either or both of the following scenarios; the Pennsylvania state police underestimation of the incident; the overestimation of the potential number of victims and underestimation in terms of speed required by state agencies. This led to intervention coming too late after the girls had already been shot and the resultant chaos and confusion due to the many teams involved Books, 2. This was later aggravated by the delays in the triage, treatment and transportation process that had been adopted by the first emergency medical services teams that arrived at the scene.

There should have been the establishment of a crisis centre where parents and students information would have been gathered and shared early. The identification of the victims and communication to their families proved challenging due to the nature of the Amish culture. The Amish school kept no records of pupils and due to the Amish culture of the resentment of technology communication was almost impossible. The students had similar homemade clothes and had no school badges. Since in this community everyone knew each other, the chaos that came after the arrival of the police and the emergency team made it tough for people to establish who the direct victims were. The parents were offered transportation by the police, but they declined and opted for ground transportation.

The hospitals also received patients whose information was inconclusive, hence identifying which girl was taken where was tough for both family members, hospital practitioners and the police and this led to flawed crisis communication. As much as the first police officer to arrive had to follow protocol, they still had an ethical obligation to do whatever they deemed necessary to stop the situation from degenerating into murder. The police and the public officers should learn to put human life before the tenure and authorities of the offices they hold. The relatives of the girls should not have had to undergo the traumatising task of visiting hospital after hospital looking for their daughters.

Though it is unethical for the police to profile individuals who are likely to commit such acts, it is important to monitor individuals who show such tendencies. However, this case was different from other school shootings where the shooter is usually a student. The legal implications in this case served to worsen a situation that could have been saved. Though the police felt the need to storm the building after the first screams were heard, the law dictated that they wait for further communication from their superiors. Therefore, it is advisable that the police force makes some of the laws that govern these bureaucracies less rigid. There is also a need to make it mandatory for all schools to have safety measures that govern the entry of outsiders, irrespective of their religious or cultural affiliations.

The incident generated government interest in school shootings as the president called for crisis meetings to debate the issue. A training program for the community service officers who were tasked with the role of ensuring school security was implemented. The FBI also created a program where schools were allocated resources meant to hire armed school resource officers who would serve as a force to deter any outsiders from executing such crimes and also offer counselling and educational programs. In as much as we respect the diversity of cultures and respect their cultural practices in their own rights, there should be some level of flexibility.

In this case, though the Amish do not use cars and helicopters, they allowed the injured girls to be transported through this means while denying themselves such transportation services. The police in this case did not show any effort to understand the inherent cultures of the Amish community as they did not anticipate their lack of modes of communication which led to confusion for the community further aggravating their traumatic experiences.

However, it was impressive for the Amish community, despite their loss to forgive Mr. Robert and not hold grudges against his family and they still went ahead to mourn their loss together. The Amish community was greatly affected by the shooting, but the psychological consequences were mitigated by their strong religious beliefs. The five girls who survived were permanently maimed and one of them was permanently disabled and as of , she could not speak or walk.

The psychological implications, however, were mitigated by the demolition of the school as another one that was totally different was built. Though in most school shooting cases the parents often pulled their children from the particular school choosing to either transfer them to another school or home school them, in this case, the pupils still returned to the school. However, this was less traumatic since the school was demolished and rebuilt further from the site. However, their memories of that tragic day have not faded and the trauma of that incident will probably haunt them for more years to come.

Though the students were traumatised their education was not interrupted that much, except the five girls who were injured the others returned to school after the new school building was built. The other four girls eventually resumed schooling though after some time, but one of them who suffered a total, permanent disability never went back to school. Throughout the world, governments and scholars were interested on this violent incident and the subsequent underlying issues that prompted individuals to act in such a violent manner, especially against young innocent students.

Different governments reviewed their school safety mechanism measures and gun control since this incident could have happened anywhere. It also brought the much needed scrutiny into the underlying psychological issues that are always prevalent after such cases. School shootings have now been the interest of researchers, not only in the United States where they are mostly reported, but also in other parts of the world. Different profiles of individuals who would probably exhibit such violent behaviour have been formulated in the quest to recognise the possibilities of such events and stop them before they happen through violence prevention intervention.

There are also interests in the production of a movie on the tragic event and numerous books have been published on the event. Crisis intervention strategies are the methods that are used by those offering immediate short-term help to victims of an event that pose physical, mental, emotional and behavioral problems to them Fairchild, This is done by helping the victims develop new coping mechanisms and eliminates previously adopted ways of coping like substance abuse, isolation and withdrawal.

The ordnung evolved gradually over the decades as the church sought to strike a balance between traditions and change. Before Baptism , the Amish youth are under the care of their parents and the church has no power over them yet. It is a very important stage of their life because a big decision is made : Will I join the church? For many young people , the rite of Baptism is the natural climax of a process of socialization that funnels them toward the church. From the beginning to end , the worship symbolizes waiting , unity and humility ; it is a reenactment of Gelassenheit.

Obedience and humility are the key themes in the services. Ministers urge members to obey the commandments of the scripture, the vows of baptism and those in authority over them. The decon may also admonish members to be obedient to the lord. Unity is also part of the main themes of the service because at the end of the service all the members get together for lunch , it represents a fellowship gathering rather than a large fast meal. Members of the community select adult males whom they want to see as The Amish are best known as living a quiet life. Also living a religious to the unseen and unspoken media and scenery to foreign culture. This society lives a tight ship and the children do not go past the 8th grade.

This is because the parents fear the children will gain insight on modern life, leaving them wondering what the modern world is like. The Amish put a whole new meaning to horse power. For many years the Amish have been employing horse driven buggies for hundreds of years. With all of the changes that have gone on in society today the Amish are still work as hard as their forefathers did hundreds of years ago.

Farms and family are a very big priority in the Amish culture second to God that is. They are very devout to the word of God and in their faith. The Amish are a culture that takes very serious to biblical commands and separate themselves from all other things in the world. They say that worldliness can keep them from being close with God and can introduce bad influences that can lead to destructive behavior to themselves and the community that they have all worked so hard to create.

Amish Tekst: min. I would like to know something about what it is like to be an Amish teenager. They are Anabaptists and believed in baptizing adults. The Amish originated from the Anabaptist movement in Switzerland. Jacob Amman was the leader for the group. They emigrate all the way from Switzerland to America. Amish people live in small communities around Canada. Today, there are many Amish people living in over twenty five American states. The most live in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana. Their language was called Pennsylvania. They speak English with a German dialect called Pennsylvania Dutch. Well, they get more jobs, but the mobile, television and computer is too cool to be without. It is just that simple and boring life. Just look at their boring and simple clothes.

I think we had a much better life. In the Amish life they sometimes shall take the work, like their spare time. We are free, and that include both our work but also our spear time with sport and friends. They are also forced to They are a group, who are deeply involved in a Christian church fellowship. The Amish People originates from Europe, but immigrated to Pennsylvania in the early 18th century. They immigrated because they were by great opposition in Europe. Their properties were taken away from them, they were tortured and even burnt alive.

The most common languages within this religion are Pennsylvania Dutch, English and German. They are taught English in school, at home they speak English with a German accent, which is also called Pennsylvania Dutch and in church they speak German. The founder of the Amish beliefs was Jakob Ammann. He was one of the leaders of the Mennonits, and in he started the Amish religion. They are allowed to drink, drive cars, use cellphones and so on.

When Rumspringa ends, the teenager has to choose whether he or she wants to be an Amish or not. Adult baptism is a must in the I chose Amish culture from this week's readings to discussing the food or dietary beliefs and practices for the Amish culture. I have not had the pleasure to care for anyone with Amish heritage. It was very interesting reading about their dietary beliefs, and food traditions. Many Amish Americans welcome sharing food traditions. Food and meals are very important among their culture. According to Purnell, food is recognized for its nutritional value , p. Growing their own produce in large gardens has been a tradition for decades. They call it their connection with the earth.

They enjoy sharing a meals at social gatherings that has a significant social meaning. I respect this time of bonding with family and friends. Amish meals are usually prepared in an old-fashion traditional manner. Their kitchens have gas or wood ovens, since the Amish do not rely on electricity. In these Amish homes the women prepare large servings of meats, starches, and an Bethany Heywood July 2nd, The Amish Culture Introduction The Amish people are the epitome of what one would consider plain, ordinary, boring, and prude perhaps next to the modern day view of Muslims.

Their clothes are handmade by themselves. Amish Research Paper Historical and Scientific Perspectives Amish Research Paper, L. Though it is unethical for Amish Research Paper police to Amish Research Paper individuals Gross Schechter Day School: A Short Story are likely to commit such acts, it is Amish Research Paper to monitor individuals who show such tendencies.

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