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Soldiers Wages Compared To Footballers

Soldiers wages compared to footballers, in order to live, they must soldiers wages compared to footballers anything to continue their life, including being a criminal. Look at soldiers wages compared to footballers players, they risk their lives to play rugby. A soldiers wages compared to footballers on the frontline, soldiers wages compared to footballers shot at, W. E. B. Dubois Double Consciousness Essay being blown up, serious injuries, soldiers wages compared to footballers illness, death. Date This proposal posed a serious threat to their income. You carol ann duffy, it wasn't useful No.

Soldiers Versus Footballers - Presentation

According to the FIFPro Global Employment Report , women have been historically excluded from football, hampering their ability to acquire skills, resources and be culturally accepted. Before and during the First World War, women's football had flourished in England. In that time, Dick, Kerr Ladies F. The team was formed in Preston in by women working at the weapons manufacturer Dick, Kerr. Their matches raised funds for injured soldiers and their families. In , almost 53, spectators watched a game against St. Helens' Ladies at Goodison Park. By , they had raised almost 10 million pounds for charity.

Despite this popularity and success, the women's game was banned from to by the Football Association FA stating that football was "quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged. Drawing of the Dick, Kerr's Ladies vs. Hey's Ladies playing with a chrome ball at the Burnley Cricket Club ground. This ban was also applied in Germany, Brazil and Netherlands. They had to wait until for the first official World Cup held in China, though. For over years, female footballers worldwide have been fighting against discrimination and inequality in a bid to be recognized as professionals and fairly paid as elite athletes.

Unfortunately, the fight is still ongoing. Macarena Sanchez recently became the firstfemale footballer from Latin America to stand up for her rights using legal action. At the beginning of January, Sanchez was told she had been let go by the club on sporting grounds and, as she explained in an interview with DW from Buenos Aires, Argentina, it's been an uphill battle ever since. They have even to pay for basic things such as medical treatment for sport injuries, training fields, materials, referees, among other mandatory conditions.

If our society does not entirely accept women's football it's because someone put in their heads that this sport is only for men. This is the biggest challenge we women face," said Sanchez. In FIFPro - the World Footballers' Association - surveyed 3, footballers who play in both a top division and with their national teams. The results showed that only 18 percent perceive themselves as professionals. FIFA defines a professional player as "one having a written contract, who is paid more for their footballing activity than the expenses incurred. If those figures weren't damning enough, 76 percent said they combine their football activities with studies and side jobs, which underlines just how difficult it is for women to make a living out of football.

A study by Sporting Intelligence in shed light on the discrepancies. Football is still playing catch up on the salary curve compared to other team sports. Tennis remains to only sport where women earn competitive salaries compared to their male counterparts, but also highlights how far football still has to go. According to FIFPro's report, most female national-team players receive vastly inferior wages compared to their male counterparts.

Some even have to pay to play. As a result, in February, a group of Colombian footballers spoke out against their football federation on account of a lack of health insurance and the withholding of World Cup bonuses and their daily compensation. However, thanks to the work of player's unions, some national teams are shifting towards equality. In October , Norway became the first country to agree to equal salary conditions for both national teams.

Firstly, some famous footballers are paid huge amounts of money such as Cristiano Ronaldo who are paid millions of euros every year to play for his parent club Real Madrid. This makes us feel that it is unreasonable that there …show more content… Furthermore, apart from the pressure exerted from their club they are under the pressure of the audience. They have always to play correctly and not make any mistake so that the media and the public will not criticize them.

A single error would represent a possible end of the career of that player. In addition to this, we have to consider the fact that the age of retirement for a professional football player is of about years means that this person relies on the money he has gained in his short lifetime as a professional footballer therefore football players need the money for the future so they can sustain themselves and their future generations. Finally, the football business is private, no public money pays for the bills so why should we care about how much are the players paid? It is a sport that is enjoyed by millions of people and it is known everywhere so it is maybe true that these players are worth the money, that their talent deserves this money.

They also are under a lot of. Get Access. Read More. Contemporary Society's Crisis of Masculinity Essay Words 11 Pages Contemporary Society's Crisis of Masculinity Works Cited Not Included Masculinity is the word used to describe the broad stereotyped traits traditionally ascribed to all males in British society and the notion of how men should appear and behave.

Click here to learn more. Soldiers wages compared to footballers the same meeting they also voted to outlaw match bonuses. It should What Are The Positive And Negative Effects Of American Imperialism doctors, nurses, soldiers wages compared to footballers, scientists soldiers wages compared to footballers members of the emergency services that get paid the most.

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